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What Three Northland Moms learned from the quarantine

Three northland moms have taken the stay in place order as an opportunity to learn about themselves and their families. All of them are grateful for the essential workers out there--doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and the transit pros that make the city and nation run. Here's what they've learned over the last month. 

Heather Nicholson

Although my husband and two sons and I are missing our family and friends,  we’ve had time for movie and game nights, family dinners, and time to be together without rushing around. It’s been a good reminder of what’s important and what we’ll make time for in the future. 

Catherine Friends Middleton

I currently treat patients as a cardiology nurse practitioner. As the intensity of the virus has spread, my hospital is adapting to new workflow changes to serve our patients more safely while protecting staff. Flexibility and vigilance have been crucial. Our household includes my husband, who is working from home, my young son, daughter, and another on the way. My family and I are focusing on the positives of our health, and being together, even on the tough days during this extraordinary global event.

Lindsay Freeborn

My husband and I have three boys, aged 7, 2, and 1. First, teachers need to be paid more. Doing school work with my 1st grader is my biggest challenge.  I won’t lie when I say I dread it most days.  On the positive, I can see how smart my son is and how much he loves math and reading. My other challenge is balancing play, feeding, and toddler nap time with working my day job for a healthcare/IT company. We have good days and less good days, but it’s the memories that we are making that hold me together. We get to eat dinner together, have dance parties, and go for walks. My oldest has finally learned how to ride his bike too! 

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