The Well-Groomed Pooch

Zuma's Mobile Grooming takes the leg work out of keeping your pets tidy

Wrestling a cat or a travel-shy dog into the car is no one's idea of a good time. Wouldn't it be nice to have the option of being able to groom your pet at home without the hassle or mess of doing it yourself? Enter Zuma's Mobile Grooming. This new addition to the Northland prides itself on expert care in the most convenient spot of all--your driveway. 

Zuma's Mobile Grooming is owned by Kristine Bunch, a local entrepreneur that knows talent when she sees it. When she met her head groomer, Heather Elwing, she knew she had the right fit. 

Elwing says that she found her calling while strolling the base when she was in the U.S. Army. 

"I was stationed at Fort Bragg and I was walking near the parade grounds where the higher ranked officers lived. I saw this poodle that had all the bracelets on and a show cut. And I said to myself that that was what I wanted to do when I got out,"

Elwing made good on her goal, getting jobs at PetSmart bathing dogs. From there she apprenticed with a very good friend and learned all there was to know about grooming. Through several apprenticeships, she became adept at soothing and calming animals that might otherwise hate the grooming process. Twenty-six years later, after a break to go to college, a foray into journalism, and a realization of how much she loves grooming, Heather has become the master.

Now, Heather spends several days each week bathing and primping the pets of the Northland. The full grooming package includes a brush out and de-shedding, a hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, towel and blow drying, nail trimming and filing, hair trimming around feet and pads, ear cleaning, and ear plucking, light feather trim, and cologne upon request. 

Additional treatments can include shaves, flea and tick treatment, dental care, hot oil treatments, and even de-skunking. Elwing will truly do all the work that you don't want to. She handles dogs of all sizes, cats, and the occasional bird. 

Although Elwing loves what she does, she's excited to welcome another groomer to the team so that they can expand Zuma's reach. She's also planning on opening a grooming school within the next two years. 

Until then, she's happy in her luxury van, meeting the animals of the Northland six days a week. For more information about Zuma's Mobile Grooming, visit

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