The Wellness Generation

Jujubeet Explains Ingestible Beauty, Ingestible Immunity, Anti-Aging

Wellness is booming! As a result, today’s plant-lab, juice cleanse aficionados are often referred to as “the wellness generation”. However, in a world where supplements and new products are launched daily there is value in simplicity. It’s time to turn our focus to absorption, timing and curation. At Jujubeet, timing is everything! Adaptogens, Bioavailability, and Microbiome are all buzzworthy terms that shift the focus back to the body's natural cadence and systems. As we return to highly calibrated natural foods and cleanses as our baseline, we can now distill into our personal wellness playbook. We learn what really finely tunes the body based on specific wellness goals. We have a more refined approach to ingestible beauty, ingestible immunity, anti-aging, and so on.


Not all products are created equal. The microbiome is a sparkling new topic on the wellness scene, as it sits at the intersection of beauty, anti-aging, functional medicine, and immunity. While Probiotics are healthy bacteria in the gut, Prebiotics are food that feed specific probiotic strains. A mixture of both can support the fragile ecosystem called the gut microbiome as a way to enhance immunity. This is important!! We suggest to keep an eye on expiration dates, ingredient sourcing, and method of juicing. *Try: Jujubeet Coconut Probiotic or a Jujubeet cleanse which is specifically cold-pressed and includes Probiotics as well as natural Prebiotics.

Bioavailability is a measure of how easily and fully a nutrient can be absorbed by the body. Adaptogens are typically herbs or mushrooms that can help expand bioavailability of nutrients by reducing stress. All juices are cold-pressed juiced at Jujubeet the day prior and then delivered by 8 am to your doorstep to be ingested that day. How fun to wake up to a Jujubeet goodie bag! With plant-based and adaptogen-rich menus, curation and timing are key. All cleanses are formulated at Jujubeet in light of absorption rates and nutrient interactions over the duration of the cleanse. *Try: The Jujubeet PRO Cleanse. Order at www.jujubeetdelivery.com

What is as the key to wellness success? Accessibility, preparation and convenience!  Here’s what’s in my handbag on the daily:

LivOn Labs Lipospheric Vitamin C

Jujubeet Brazil Nut Milk for Selenium

The NuCo Debloat + Prebiotic Capsules

Jujubeet “Detox Greens” or my favorite “Fit AF”

Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask

Yogi-Tea Detox Tea

Jujubeet Coconut Probiotic

Interested to learn more about new trends in the wellness arena? Jujubeet hosts an IG LIVE every Friday at 11am with Dietitian Elena Razmpoosh and Laurie Sasser. Join!

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