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The 'Nan-Sea', a 40-foot custom-built pontoon boat.

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The Wild & Scenic Myakka River

Locally Owned And Operated Logan River Tours Sail Into The Wilds Of Our Region's Most Beautiful River

Article by Tony D'Souza

Photography by Stephanie Snow Photography

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

Venice locals know that the Myakka River is an absolute gem. Lush, full of life, gorgeous, calm, and mystical, the river winds through our county on its slow course to the Gulf of Mexico. The further up the river you travel, the more intense the scenery becomes. It's so beautiful that it is one of Florida's officially designated 'Wild and Scenic Rivers'. For those of us not keen on exploring alligator territory in a kayak, Logan River Tours is the perfect way to comfortably and safely visit this natural wonder. Plus, the tours depart from Snook Haven Restaurant, great for lunch or dinner with an 'Old Florida' vibe and menu, and plenty of live music.

Owned and operated by Keith and Diane Logan, the Logan River Tours are family friendly and include lively tales of  Florida's natural history. The boat is a 40-foot pontoon called the 'Nan-Sea', custom-built for nature photography, and with comfortable seats and an enclosed restroom. Each of the operation's three captains--Cap't Chuck, Captain Clint, and Captain Chuck--have decades of experience, as well as Master Captain licenses.

"I had a ton of fun," says Stephanie Snow, Venice City Lifestyle's intrepid photographer, who took the tour for our team. "I saw so many gators and ended up taking 300 photos!"

Keith Logan warns that alligators "keep their own schedule," and seeing one is never a guarantee. That said, the likelihood of bumping into a few is fairly high on the trip, and there are plenty of birds, turtles, and fish to look for as well.

The tour lasts an hour, covers seven miles roundtrip, and the narration is tailored to adults and school age kids. From November through January, the tours leave at noon and 1:30 PM Wednesday through Friday, and noon, 1:30 PM, and 3:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. From February through May, the tours have a busier schedule, cruising at noon, 1:30 PM, and 3:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday. The boat doesn't operate in the June through October rainy season, and inclement weather can cause cancellations at any time. Logan River Tours takes more than 8000 passengers on the river every season. Tickets are $19.65/adults, $12.20/kids under age 12, and reservations are strongly recommended.

Turn the page to see more of Stephanie's great photos from her trip!     

5000 East Venice Ave., Venice. 941.875.2070.

  • The 'Nan-Sea', a 40-foot custom-built pontoon boat.
  • Keith Logan narrates the tour with plenty of info on gators and the Myakka River's natural history.
  • A lazy gator looking at some tourists.
  • A Great Blue Heron keeps watch on the river's edge.
  • A very large alligator the Myakka River.