Celebrating Community Influencers For Their Accomplishments And Leadership

Article by Jennifer Haveman

Photography by Celina Chamber of Commerce

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

The Celina Ladies Of Influence [CLOI] is a premier organization, created by women to empower and propel women into business success through education, mentoring, and service. This organization offers chances to mix with others socially and to communicate your ideas. CLOI meets monthly to support each other and their community with charity and networking events. Chamber members can join by going to the events tab on the Chamber website to take advantage of this wonderful organization.

On November 6, 2023, Celina Ladies of Influence and women across Celina met to honor inspiring women for their contributions to our community.

Presented by Tammie Dunn Walker and Strategic Wealth Advisor Team Ameriprise Financial, The Women of Influence celebration recognized community influencers for their accomplishments and leadership roles in the community. Women of Celina enjoyed a night of fun and community and celebrated inspiring women who have made a significant impact in our community. Their achievements, dedication, and influence have set new standards of excellence.

These change-makers and champions of compassion epitomize the character of CLOI and Celina as a whole through their philanthropic, social, environmental and business contributions. Awards were presented in five distinguished categories:

Academic Influencer :
   - Demonstrated excellence in a specific academic field.
   - Significant contributions to research, publications, or academic discourse.
   - Influence on peers, students, and the broader academic community through teaching or mentoring.
   - Recognition within the academic community, such as awards or invitations to speak at conferences

Historic Influencer  
   - Contribution to preserving and promoting historical knowledge or heritage.
   - Impact on the understanding of historical events, figures, or eras.
   - Publications, documentaries, exhibitions, or educational initiatives related to history.
   - Acknowledgment by peers, historians, or historical institutions.

Executive Influencer  
   - High-level leadership in a specific industry or organization.
   - Achievements in business growth, innovation, or transformation.
   - Influence on industry trends or practices.
   - Recognition through awards, industry publications, or speaking engagements

Community Influencer 
   - Active involvement in community-based initiatives or organizations.
   - Positive impact on local or regional communities.
   - Advocacy for social causes, community development, or well-being.
   - Endorsement or recognition by community members, local authorities, or nonprofit organizations.

Philanthropic Influencer 

   - Significant contributions to charitable organizations or philanthropic causes.
   - Initiatives or campaigns that have made a substantial difference in the lives of those in need.
   - Mobilization of resources, funding, or support for social or environmental causes.
   - Recognition by philanthropic organizations, media, or the beneficiaries of the philanthropic efforts.

Nominees (Winners denoted with *)


Vanessa Hurtado Jaramillo*


Aimee Bissett

Anca Iagar Otvos

Jai Ellis

Katie Dunn*

Ladies Who Bingo

Vanessa Hurtado Jaramillo

Wendie Wigginton


Barbara Cushman

Barbara Ireland*


Brittany Yurkovitch

Rachel Baty*


Karla Vargas*

Ladies Who Bingo

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