Against the Grain

How one man carves some time out for himself

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Don Seaman

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

Dave Knapp is your typical suburban dad. As most “typical suburban dads” tend to do, he’s built a few guitars and things. Wait — that’s not typical? Well, maybe Dave’s not so typical after all.

“I have a problem,” he jokes. “It’s my outlet. I wonder if I can build something, so I just find a way to do it. Sometimes they just fall into my lap.”

It was kismet when he built his first guitar. He’d always wanted to try it, and when someone gave him a huge catalog of woodworking equipment, inside there was a special section about how to build a guitar. Meanwhile, someone gave him a rough piece of wood that he’d imagined would be for a guitar. Nature took its course, and that just fueled his fire.

“I got this idea that I always wanted to try to build my own boat. So now I have my own custom paddleboard hanging in my garage. I guess it’s the curse of living at a lake.”

That lake is now featured inlaid on his cornhole board. “Unless you live in Packanack, you probably won’t know what the heck it is,” he admits.

His wife Alison is reportedly supportive of Dave’s projects, especially when he decided one day to install an outdoor shower for their four young swimmers. “I learned a pretty big lesson that day — never work barefoot.”

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