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The World at Home

Dr. Sophie Lagueux Opens the Door to Her Well-Traveled Home

Dr. Sophie Lagueux, M.D., owner of West Wilson Aesthetics, has been Mount Juliet’s expert provider for all her patient’s aesthetic needs. When she’s not in the office, she can be found traveling the world on an insatiable quest for discovery. And with that, Dr. Lagueux has made an art out of filling her home with the art and collectibles that she finds in various corners of the world. 

Her propensity for finding items abroad that fit perfectly into the décor of her home has left her with quite an impressive collection that includes items like an etching of Salvador Dali’s Merchant of Venice, which she found during a trip to Venice, or an ornamented vase that was purchased while traveling through China. Dr. Lagueux was even lucky enough to buy pieces of tile in Portugal that were once part of Portugal’s well-known ceramic tile walls.

Dr. Lagueux explains that rather than trying to adhere to a specific theme or style for her home décor, she prefers instead to choose things that inspire her during her travels, “You don’t know what you’re going to want to just discover.” Dr. Lagueux expresses the importance of immersing yourself in the places you are exploring. Whether it’s mingling with people, visiting local markets or tasting the local fare, there is great value in learning about new places and their cultures and traditions.

Dr. Lagueux reminds us that traveling has a way of unearthing something within ourselves, “Be adventurous, and travel, and enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to go!” If you find something that invokes a memory or an experience from your travels, bring it back with you. Let it remind you of the places and the people you were able to find. And remember that at the end of every journey is the real treasure, home.

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