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RVA’s Spring Real Estate Season is Here!

The Choice is Clear — Choose A New Way to Real Estate

Article by Marketing Group at TYG

Photography by Various

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

With the proverbial Real Estate Spring selling (and buying) season upon us, many buyers and sellers will be looking to choose from what seems like a million different options these days to be their Real Estate Agent for what could be the most important transaction of their lifetime.  Choices ranging from their parents’ best friends to someone they went to school with who just got their license this year will all be on the table.

In a marketplace flooded with conflicting claims of being the best, finding a real estate partner can be a daunting challenge and absolutely confusing endeavor. Amidst the myriad options, The Yeatman Group of Long & Foster Real Estate (TYG) rises above the noise, offering not just claims but what seems like reason after reason of why choosing TYG could be the smartest and most logical decision one could make. Here are just a few of the distinct advantages that set TYG apart from its competition:

  1. #1 Selling Team by Actual Real Numbers: The Yeatman Group doesn't just claim the top spot—it owns it. With a proven track record as the #1 selling team in the market in both # of homes sold and dollar volume sold, the numbers speak louder than words.
  2. Affiliated with the #1 Brokerage in the Region: As an integral part of the #1 Real Estate Company in the region, TYG leverages the resources and network of Long & Foster to provide unparalleled exposure and professionalism to its clients.
  3. Proven Track Record: TYG isn't new to the scene. With a consistent track record, the team has maintained its top position for a decade now, instilling confidence within clients through 10 years of demonstrated success.
  4. Diverse Group of Backgrounds and Specialties: Founded on its unrivaled track record in the new construction field, The Yeatman Group has added to its repertoire over the years and now proudly boasts a team with a tremendous range of diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and specialties, ensuring that, no matter the real estate need, clients have access to industry best knowledge, experience, and representation.  From building your first home to selling your investment property to developing land, TYG can match you with the ideal advisor.
  5. Insider Knowledge of Builders: One of The Yeatman Group’s most unique advantages lies in its close relationships with nearly all area homebuilders and developers. Having worked with most of these builders from both sides of the table, TYG provides a detailed, real-time understanding of the current market conditions and competitive landscape, surpassing the generalized statements and advice provided by its competitors, who only operate in a single locale or area of focus. 
  6. Recognized and Respected Brand: TYG is not just a team; it's a brand that commands recognition and respect in the region, establishing trust with clients on both sides of the transaction, leading to smoother and less stressful experiences.
  7. Customer Service Excellence: Renowned for its exceptional customer service, the team has a solid presence and a track record of just flat-out outworking the competition, ensuring clients receive the attention and care they deserve.
  8. Wider Reach: The Yeatman Group’s marketing reach extends far beyond local boundaries. Exposed to countless out-of-town buyers relocating to the area, TYG usually engages much earlier in the process and far more often than the rest of the market, which is often focused primarily on strictly local options. Combining the spending power and economies of scale of 50 of the area’s most elite Real Estate agents makes it easy for TYG to spend 10-20x the marketing budget of even the best competitors in the marketplace. The team uses cutting-edge technology and traditional, proven marketing tactics to ensure it's providing all clients the best exposure possible.  It takes more than a trendy social media page to effectively sell Real Estate in today’s market, and nobody attacks that challenge quite like TYG, which has a department of stand-alone marketing professionals focused on putting our client’s needs first every time. The team’s outward marketing efforts, combined with its central HUB for new construction inquiries, offer sellers a way to get in front of more potential buyers long before they’ve even thought about asking an agent to see a home.
  9. Some of the Highest Standards in the Industry: TYG sets itself apart by maintaining high standards in actually who gets to be a part of the team in the first place. With a rigorous hiring process, the team only brings on board the best of the best—as only 1 out of every 12 people interviewed are invited to join versus most competing teams and brokerages where a pulse and a license may be the only barrier to entry.
  10. Cutting-Edge Marketing and Negotiation Skills: Respected by many industry peers for its unique approach to marketing, branding, and negotiations, TYG prides itself on ensuring that clients receive un-rivaled attention to detail & professional representation - no matter how large or small the transaction.
  11. Dedicated Support Staff: TYG goes beyond just sales professionals. With a dedicated staff, including full-time marketing specialists, listing experts, transaction managers, interior designers, and in-house sales and customer service concierges available 14 hours a day, clients receive unmatched support and attention well beyond the sale.
  12. Commitment to Ongoing Training: TYG is committed to continuous improvement that starts from within.  With a full-time management and training staff, sales professionals are equipped with the latest and most effective sales training and skills the market has to offer.

By choosing The Yeatman Group, clients aren't just selecting the smartest real estate representation option; they are discovering new and exciting possibilities that they may not have known existed otherwise. Don’t wait until after your next move in Real Estate to wish you’d have spoken to the best.  Visit or call 804-NEW-HOME today and experience A New Way to Real Estate.   

"The Yeatman Group doesn't just claim the top spot—it owns it."

  • Kyle Yeatman, photograph by River City Media
  • photograph by Rene Scott
  • Kyle Yeatman, Ashley Bickford, Amy Pryor, and Lauren Renschler of The Yeatman Group, photograph by River City Media

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