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Therapeutic Hands Massage

Peace of Mind and Body in Spring Hill

Massages are a great way to treat yourself or a loved one to a little restorative relaxation – something you may want to keep in mind for a special mom in your life that would delight in some pampering as a Mother’s Day treat. Therapeutic Hands Massage, owned by licensed massage therapist Casey Lauritsen, is the place to go in Spring Hill to feel relaxed, happy and healthy.

The daughter of a chiropractor, Casey grew up in the Franklin area and developed a special interest in the body and massage therapy from a very young age. “I love that someone can come in with excruciating pain or a migraine, and when they leave, they just kind of smile, and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve never felt so good.’ That is an amazing feeling to be able to know that you helped somebody in that way,” said Casey.

After working for a while in sports and deep tissue massage including work with the Tennessee Titans, Casey and her family moved to Spring Hill. One day, she came across what would become the space for her studio on Main Street and decided to bring work closer to home. It couldn’t have worked out better for them as the space also includes On the Brink Fitness owned by her husband, Brent Brinkmeier. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to condition their body and then soothe and calm their
muscles and mind all in one visit.

Therapeutic Hands Massage is a calm, peaceful massage studio made up of seven therapy rooms, a couples massage room, and a treatment room where customers receive luxurious treatments like seaweed salt scrubs and chocolate fondue wraps – an indulgent way to hydrate and nourish the body’s skin. With six other licensed massage therapists on staff, Therapeutic Hands Massage
offers a range of massages custom-designed to meet the needs of each individual guest and a variety of body treatments that are sure to send you out into the world feeling refreshed and restored.

Indulge in the Experience 

Aside from single therapeutic massages, Therapeutic Hands Massage offers an array of different massages to experience including:
Couples Massage – Enjoy relaxation and togetherness while receiving side-by-side custom therapeutic massages. 
Cold Stone Face Massage – Relieve headaches and sinus pressure with the combined use of massage techniques and cold marble stones. 
Hot Stone Massage – Indulge in a full-body massage using the soothing and restorative qualities of smooth, warm stones. 
Warm Bamboo Massage – Allow deep tissue and Swedish techniques combined with the use of warm baboo rods to help relieve pain and heal muscles.

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