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Therapy in the Outdoors

Casting Freedom supports veterans and their families with fishing equipment and a new hobby.

Summertime is all about being outside, and one local organization is helping veterans and their families enjoy the great outdoors.

Casting Freedom is a local nonprofit started by Landen resident Ron Potter, a former Marine and Purple Heart recipient who fought in the second battle of Fallujah. They strive to equip combat-wounded veterans, veterans, and Gold Star family members with necessary fishing gear. This enables them to experience the therapeutic benefits of nature while enjoying recreational activities.

“As an organization, we wanted to change the narrative about the support veterans actually need through hobbies. I myself enjoy going out and fishing with my kids and sharing an activity I love with them,” shares Ron. 

Monthly, Casting Freedom provides a veteran or family with fishing supplies and equipment to enjoy being on the water. The idea is to offer veterans the chance to find a hobby or activity they can lean on through tough times to find solace at home after serving their country. Along with the equipment given to these recipients, it offers ease of access to a new hobby without the hurdle or stress of paying for nice gear that will last. 

“Fishing is expensive to get into, so we thought, let's provide the equipment to support the veteran from day one,” says Ron. “We can be proactive by offering a hobby to a veteran who may need time to themselves and to do something they love to have a better day.” 

As the recipient list grows, so does the team of Casting Freedom. Each veteran or family of a fallen soldier is considered a partner who can help breathe life into the mission. One part of this is fishing trips with veterans who can introduce resources like scholarships, financial assistance, adopt a family, and VA assistance while creating a solid support foundation.

You can support Casting Freedom by donating or purchasing merchandise online at