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There's a New Bar(re) in Town

Wellness for body and mind

There’s a strong pulse here in Missoula. From the streaming cars and bicyclists to the energy of thriving businesses and local arts scene, Missoula is thumping to the beat of its own drum. But as of late, that rhythm radiates from a new space on Washburn Avenue called Barre 406.  

“It’s Missoula’s pace that brought me here,” said Robin. “The community, the vibe— Missoula has its own rhythm, that’s definitely true,” she added with a smile.

Barre is a fitness format that uses a ballet bar, plus other equipment, to combine exercises from yoga, ballet, and Pilates. “Barre is achievable at any level,” explained Robin. “It’s effective. You hit every muscle in the body within a 50-minute class.”

Robin strives to make every class accessible to a wide variety of clients. 

“I’m not the little, petite girl you see in most classes. I want to make this place open to any shape, any size, any age, and at any level. That’s what’s great about Barre. You can modify to your level on a daily basis. You don’t have to peak out or drop out. It can be part of your daily routine without taking over your life.”

When choosing instructors, Robin envisioned having a team of strong, bright minds that would carry a contagious spirit into their classes. 

“I really want to make sure I dive deep into the community. We have several instructors from UM’s Spirit Squad. They watch to make sure you’re doing the moves safely, but they’re also looking out for smiles, that you’re breathing and having a good time. We’re going to make sure you feel good about being here and happy that you came,” said Robin.

That happiness starts when clients walk through the door. Robin designed her lobby with local products in mind. 

“Our furniture was built with reclaimed barn wood by Ryan at Missoula Bench Builder. I love what he did. I just geek out over it.”

Beyond the lobby, a contemporary space provides all of the professional necessities in one colorful setting. The buttery sheen of the wooden floor contrasts with a flat black ceiling. Gold, blue, and magenta lighting splashes onto the floor, giving the studio an energetic color palette. Then, there’s the stereo. 

“I’m a sound snob,” admitted Robin. “So, we have a very good stereo system in there.”

Robin sees a niche for a more relaxed, but still vibrant, version of Barre. She created Barre 406 for anyone who wants a better workout, no matter how their morning started or how they feel. 

“Above all, honor your body,” said Robin. “When you take a class, it floods into the rest of your day. It’s more than the physical benefits. When you leave class, you walk a little taller and have confidence for whatever you have to walk into that day.”