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These Domestic Divas Go The Extra Mile

Providing Homes And Businesses With A Sparkling Clean (And Sometimes Even A Pie)

When Allie Williamson was a young girl, her grandmother and mother would give her a long list of cleaning chores. Unlike most kids, she couldn’t have been happier.

After graduating from college and moving to Nashville from a small town in Mississippi, Allie had a successful career, but she still felt unfulfilled. So, after work, she started picking up some cleaning jobs, and in 2014, left the corporate world to open Southern Domestic Diva. Today, she employs 75 people and has 800-plus clients in Nashville and Monticello, Mississippi. Here, she shares more about her approach.

What services does Southern Domestic Diva provide?

We do residential, vacation rental, commercial and construction cleaning. We work at the new Four Seasons and a few restaurants in town – the Fable Lounge being one of our main restaurants. We're available seven days a week, day and night.

As a business owner, why is it important for you to help your employees reach their full potential?

Once I started employing women, I saw how I was changing their lives for the better. They were able to purchase cars and homes, and now their daughters are my interns. That was really the drive and passion behind getting our women-owned, small business certification and bringing together this powerhouse of divas and thriving off of each other's successes. They're my family. I'm a single girl in the city with no children, and when we're not together, I miss them.  

How do you ensure your employees’ success?

We're building something really cool and bringing a different approach to the cleaning industry. I don't allow clients to call them cleaners – they are divas (and sometimes divos). I encourage them to wear red lipstick and give them nice uniforms and nice company cars to travel in. They feel proud of what they're doing and that they're making a difference in this great city.

What's the feedback you receive from clients?

I have a lot of interactions on social media, so clients love to comment about their favorite divas. Some of these women have been with these clients for seven or eight years and they’ve become part of their families. They water their plants and always go that extra mile. I pride myself on employing people with strong work ethics.

What else makes Southern Domestic Diva unique?

In addition to cleaning, another thing my grandmother instilled in me is a love of cooking. We make Southern pecan pies, which is the trademark of the business. Every new client gets a pie and anytime we do a sponsorship or an event, we serve these pies and mimosas. That’s a big staple and sets us apart from other companies.

What are a couple of nonprofits you’re involved with?

I employ a lot of people from the Hispanic and Latin communities, so I do a lot of nonprofit work in sectors that give back to them. The one that I have the most involvement with is HOLA, which is the Hispanic Organization of Leaders and Achievers. We host a monthly salsa night at the Plaza Mariachi in hopes of doing some mentorship programs and trying to help with whatever challenges they might be facing, whether that’s citizenship issues or finding jobs. We also help other employers here in town with staffing and make them aware of the Hispanic community. I also do some work with the Boys and Girls Scouts of America, but HOLA is the one that really has my heart.

What are your plans for the future?

I have to pinch myself sometimes. I wanted to grow something big and make a difference, and I did, and I have hopes of franchising the Southern Domestic Diva brand.

I also just finished writing the Southern Diva Cookbook. It's a lot of Southern traditional recipes from women who have had influence in my life and some of the sweet little ladies from my hometown and church. It also teaches how to use and care for cast iron pans. The book can be found on Amazon, our website, and at our offices.