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Rich Popio

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These Guys are Heavy Hitters for the Hometown Team

Outstanding local men devote themselves to business, family and community

Kyle Yeatman
Founder & President, The Yeatman Group

What are you proudest of?

Bringing an incredible group of talented people together, working for a common goal, and understanding that success collectively does not limit success individually. Our team members and builder partners have all reached greater heights of success due to not having to chase that success alone. Helping one another, we’ve all been able to achieve success much quicker than we could have on our own.

How should we support our community?

Ultimately, we’re all a community that relies on one another in times of need. No matter where you are in life, this same community either helped you get where you are or will help you get where you want to be. So, take an active role in giving back and helping others. 

Best advice gotten or given?

It usually isn’t the most naturally gifted or talented person, or the person with the biggest head start, who ultimately ends up on top. It’s the person who wanted it most, dreamt about it, worked at it, worked some more, and then worked again. I truly believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to sacrifice to make it a reality.

Your biggest indulgence?

When not working, I’m either on the water or attending a sporting event. I’m constantly trying to conquer the one sport that seems to elude everyone - golf. 


Richard Popio
Owner, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Central Virginia

 What is your biggest career or personal accomplishment?

Being able to retire at 51, purchase a small business and become an expert in an entirely different field.

How do you serve and support our community?

Supporting the community is an important part of my personal and professional philosophies. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a supporting sponsor of Richmond Area Symphony Organization, ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, RounTrey Run for Hope, and many other organizations.

Best advice given or received?

My grandfather taught me at an early age that the more you listen, the further you will get in life. I have also given that as advice.

How do you find balance in your life?

To create balance, you have to know when to shut it off and just spend time with the ones you care about.

How do you relax? What’s your biggest indulgence? 

I love to just sit in my back yard and listen to music or have a nice discussion. My biggest indulgence is GREAT ice cream. I have Handel’s ice cream shipped in from my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. They will ship it overnight in dry ice. It is truly the best ice cream anywhere!


Mark Misiano, MBA
President, RésuméReady LLC

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

I was proud to earn the designation "Certified Professional Résumé Writer." It was great to be recognized by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers as an industry expert. As one of only 20 CPRWs in Virginia, I make it my mission to customize every résumé to be sure I clearly communicate each person's unique value. I also develop cover letters, update LinkedIn profiles, conduct interview prep sessions, teach job search tactics, and coach people through career transitions.

How do you support our community?

Because I own my business, I can offer discounts to people in need. During the coronavirus pandemic, I've been offering résumé reviews for only $25 to help people learn to improve their job search documents. I've also offered training to teach best practices to nonprofits.

How do you find work-life balance?

I work from home and am an extrovert, so it's not always easy! Integrating both lives, like walking the dog during my workday, helps me be productive in both areas.

Best lesson learned?

"If you ask 100 people, you'll get 110 different opinions." This phrase is true in general, but especially in my industry. I've learned I can't let anyone's opinion matter except my client's. I tend to overanalyze, so I force myself to drown out the noise and listen only to my client. As an expert, you can't let other voices stop you from doing what you believe is best. 

How do you relax?

Exercise is a big part of my life. I try every day to do pushups or squats in my office, do a HIIT workout on the deck, lift weights at the gym, or go jogging. Working out helps me relieve stress, release endorphins, and not feel guilty when I want a little extra dessert. 


Sean Danowski
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Biggest accomplishment?

Building a career and family in Richmond has been the most rewarding experience of my life. A desire to help others led me to my career. And without my family, I don't believe I'd be here, because having people who depend on me has made me focus on what's important to them in the long term.

How do you support the community?

Individuals are being asked to shoulder more of the burden of their retirement without being given the necessary information to build an investment strategy to get them there – especially when factoring in unexpected expenses, rising costs, and insurance needs. I’m committed to working with clients throughout the community to help them plan for their futures.

Best advice?

Time is your greatest asset. Make a plan and commit to acting on it. This advice applies to my clients as they seek to realize their long-term goals over their lifetimes.

How do you find balance?

Balancing everything is difficult. This year has done much to shift people’s mindsets and provide opportunities to spend more time with family. When the pandemic limited our ability to leave our home, it prompted my wife and me to communicate more openly and support each other when we need a break – even just a run around the block or a respite on the front porch.

How do you relax and indulge?

I spend a lot of time with my wife, Elizabeth, and kids – Emma, 4, and Rory, 1. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss being on the golf course – I’m looking forward to the next friendly match with my dad.


James D. Worsley, Ph.D.
Director, Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Department

Biggest accomplishment?

Advancing the parks and recreation industry through mentoring, developing social media and networking platforms, and educating others.

How do you support our community?

As a servant leader, I recognize the vital role our facilities and services play. In stressful times like the pandemic, parks are a place of restoration as residents seek physical activity, emotional tranquility, and a change of environment.

Best advice?

From my grandfather, a farmer, I learned the importance of hard work. Cultivate the land, plant in the appropriate season, add fertilizer, pray for rain, and harvest in due season. The same is true for life.

How do you find balance and fun?

I relax with my family at many of Chesterfield’s 59 parks and 258 athletic fields, watching our children participate in sports and attending events like Hops in the Park and the Fourth of July celebration. We also enjoy quiet time at home with our fur-baby, Jazz.


Frank Petroski
Web Strategist, Midlothian Web Solutions

Biggest accomplishment?

I started my business to pursue my passion for technology and innovation, while enabling a life where I could be involved with my family. Over the past decade, I’ve not only built a company I’m proud of, but also been a true part of my kids’ lives. My engagement with the community has trickled out of these dual pursuits.

How do you support the community?

I’m president of Midlothian Business Alliance and served on the board of Greater Southport Business Association prior to the merger of those groups. I also serve as Chesterfield County Planning Commissioner for the Midlothian District, and am an active member of the Chesterfield Committee on the Future, Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, and Midlothian-Chesterfield Kiwanis Club.

Best lesson learned?

I live by the mantra, “Disrupt Yourself Before Someone Else Does.” It’s true for any business, technology, or individual. Complacency rarely leads to greatness.

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