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They Do Windows PLUS!

Two Friends Join Forces to Offer Clearly Superior Services

Article by Emily Leinfuss

Photography by Stephanie Snow Photography

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

Tammie Mayer and Ronda Leblanc of Clearly Superior Services, Venice, have been business partners for two years, but their friendship spans nearly 25. They met while working at Community National Bank (now Sterns Bank) in Venice, said Tammie. 

In February of 2021, after four years of research and prep, Tammie teamed up with an associate who did handyman services and started a window-cleaning service. But it wasn’t until she convinced Ronda to join her, that the company felt right. 

“After over 30 years working in office settings with fluorescent lights and uncomfortable chairs, we were tired of it,” said Tammie. “That’s when I asked Ronda if she wanted to partner in a window-washing business."

Ronda wasn’t all in at first, Tammie explains.  “She prayed about it for a month and was waiting for a ‘no’. Fortunately, she never got it, so on Good Friday, 2021, Clearly Superior Services was born.”

Today Clearly Superior Services does more than just residential and commercial window cleaning. The licensed, insured and bonded business offers a pressure washing service, cleans vacation rentals, does scheduled cleans, and are experts at move out and in cleaning and deep cleans. They even will clean your gutters.

With a company motto of "We Know You Can Do It, But Why Should You?” the two partners are clear that they need to clean every home, business, or bank of windows – not only as if they were in their own homes – but also like they were getting ready for a super-special day where everything had to be spotless!

“Our drive is to give 110 percent every day with every client. We don't believe in doing the minimum,” says Ronda. 

In the two years that Ronda and Tammie have been working together they’ve certainly seen some things – and performed some clean-up miracles. One example is when a homeowner hired them to clean after the renter moved out. “That home reeked of nicotine,” says Tammie. “We managed to get the odor out, so the homeowner didn’t have to repaint before listing the property.”

Then there was the situation where, when the renter was evicted, she took all the food in her freezer (lots of meat) and put it in the refrigerator and then unplugged it. “That was not an easy one to get clean,” says Tammie, “but through determination, a lot of elbow grease and the right cleaners the fridge was salvaged.” 

Along the way, the partners have developed some mighty methods to get and keep things clean. Here are a few special, secret, clearly superior tips:

·      Be sure to clean and deodorize your vacuum often – it helps to keep odors away.

·      If there is a strong odor in your home put a little vinegar in a few bowls and set them around where the smell is coming from. This will help to absorb the smell.

·      Using a spin-mop, with a fresh, new mop head and a little cleaner in the water bucket makes cleaning walls a breeze.

When it comes to cleaning trends Tammie says its more about working swiftly than new products or methods. “Our customers want great service with speed. People are very busy, and they don’t want to sit around half a day having their homes cleaned.” That’s no problem for Superior Cleaning Services. “Because we work in crews of three or four, we are usually in and out in an hour and half.”

Clearly Superior Services


Our customers want great service with speed. Because we work in crews of three or four, we are usually in and out in an hour and half.

  • Ronda and Tammie meticulously team together to assure a spotless view.
  • Clearly Superior's Tammie Mayer (l) and Ronda Leblanc clean you don't have to!

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