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Josh Mancuzo

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They Know Naples

Meet Our Favorite Realtors

Article by Naples City Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Samantha Bloom

Originally published in Naples City Lifestyle

Chances are, when you see a well-dressed man who has a purposeful bounce in his step, a smile on his face and a phone call in progress, he is in real estate. The Naples residential and commercial markets are hot topics for conversation around any bar, and these talented guys are driving the business.  We asked them to pause and share their closet secrets, style notes, and plans for family time this month.

Garren Grup

New construction and resort properties consultant in Naples for 20 1/2 years, and with John R. Wood Properties since just after moving here. 

Tried and true: A pair of Cole Haan shoes from the days when Nike still owned them, so they actually have the clear window in the sole showing the Nike Air circa 1995. They’re a pair of soft leather dress shoes that have held up exceptionally over time and are both comfortable and versatile enough to also be your every day shoe. Sort of like a great real estate agent!

The Naples man: Colorful, yet classy and sophisticated as well as closely tailored.

My Father’s Day: I’ll be having brunch with my 14 year old daughter Nina, and 8 year old son, Everett. Probably on the water somewhere. Still trying to come up with the right place, but I will see what they think they would like to do as well.  

Rick Haas Jr.

Broker Associate & Equity Partner/Marzucco Real Estate

CEO/Haas Homes INC, CEO/Freedom TC LLC. In Naples since 1992, attending Oakridge Middle, Gulf Coast High, and Edison Community College for marketing and accounting.

Tried and true: My letter jacket from Gulf Coast High School that I throw on every once in a while. I played varsity for three years and I wore it every day in high school. It was important because it represented all my sports accomplishments from football to track & field. 

The Naples man: The well-dressed man to me is a man who is confident in what they wear beyond it being flashy or expensive. I find myself more confident in my least expensive suits, by the way I carry myself, compared to a man who has a $10,000 suit, but doesn't believe in himself.

My Father’s Day: In Florida with friends. My parents live in Knoxville, TN. I don't get to see them much with my busy work schedule, but I always call my dad to see what he's got planned if I don't make a surprise trip, which I occasionally do.

Josh Marzucco 

President and principal broker of Marzucco Real Estate. Josh was born and raised in Naples.

Tried and true: A brown belt that I bought in 10th grade from the Gap in the mall! I love it because it still fits and has never broke on me! 

The Naples man: Someone who feels good about what they have on, no matter what the brand is and can walk around confidently into any situation or meeting and own the room! A solid timepiece is a must to accent any outfit. 

My Father’s Day: On our Yellowfin boat with my beautiful fiancé and my two beautiful daughters, Cassidy and Caydence.

Gregory Sofranko

A former improv actor, Greg has been a REALTOR in Naples for 10 years. 

Tried and true: The oldest piece is my closet is a blue suede sport coat. I found it at a thrift store in London and it’s my go-to for special events. People can’t help but touch it! 

The Naples man: The well-dressed man in Naples from, the top down, starts with a good collar and a crisp jacket with clean lines. Moving down, the belt is crucial. A statement brand is a must. A pleated pant and a classic shoe. An elegant timepiece is the cherry on top. 

My Father’s Day: With the recent passing of my father, I will be honoring his life with family and celebrating with my stepfather. I’m sure I’ll get a little something as a dog dad.

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