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VIP Total Health and Hydration specializes in IV therapy

If you’ve never experienced a brain-throbbing hangover, consider yourself one of the luckiest people on earth. For anyone who’s ever flirted a little too much with intoxicating elixirs, the plea for quick relief has audibly escaped many a parched mouth. Fortunately, advances in understanding and implementing ways to remedy hangovers—and a variety of other maladies and inconveniences—are readily available at VIP Total Health and Hydration.

“We have IVs tailored to any ailment a person may be experiencing. Muscle pain, joint pain, foggy brain, stomach pain and nausea, migraine relief, energy boost, allergy relief, hair and nail, Myers cocktail, and of course, hangover relief,” says President/Owner, Dennis Kelley.

“Our services are holistic and natural, primarily focused on preventative care,” he says. 

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to remind people that staying properly hydrated is key to enduring the hot Texas days without feeling rundown or getting sick. One way to maximize the benefits of hydration, either preventatively or as a means of replenishment, is through an IV.

Getting a one-liter IV infusion is equivalent to drinking two gallons of water because of what the body processes, and passes out from just drinking,” Kelley says. “The bags are also infused with healthy vitamins that are 100% absorbed versus approximately 20% when taken orally.”

Their lowest-cost IV therapy service is the basic hydration infusion and they recommend it to everyone. Kelley explains that it’s most effective if administered before a day or weekend in the sun, or in anticipation of any strenuous activities out in the heat. It also helps tremendously after any such dehydrating occurrence. Additionally, regular IV infusions can prevent dehydration better than drinking water alone.

Kelley says they have a very diverse customer base, which is evidenced by the wide array of services they offer. Such as chiropractic care, regenerative joint relief injections, Botox, fillers, and fat-burning and slimming cryotherapy procedures.

We have younger, very active clients that love the Athletic performance IV.  They typically get one before a demanding weekend, workout, or competition,” he says. “We also have professionals that love the NAD treatments.”

NAD is a coenzyme, naturally occurring in each of the body’s cells. It repairs and restores the mind and body, all while maintaining DNA integrity and reversing cellular damage. The treatments, Kelley says, improve brain function, focus, and overall energy levels to help these business professionals with their demanding careers and lives.  Older clients can also benefit from this treatment, as well as the pain-relief and energy IV cocktails.

Getting a service at VIP Total Health & Hydration is simple, too. Each person is greeted in the lobby by one of their medical professionals who will coach them through selecting a perfect solution to their needs, whether it is one of their standard menu items or a personally designed  IV solution.

Once the services have been selected, customers are taken to the treatment room, a large space featuring several comfortable chairs. While they wait with a coffee or cold water, the IV tech prepares their treatment. Once they’re connected to the bag, it’s a relaxing 20 to 30 minutes to administer and then they’re on their way.

Best of all, even if someone doesn’t have time or the ability to make it into the VIP Total Health & Hydration location in person, a concierge service allows services to be delivered directly to customers. They can also set up services at events, including wedding parties, office parties, golf tournaments, and pretty much any gathering you can imagine.

Because they’re ready to put the IV in the way you L-I-V-E. 

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