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The Maids Shares Tips for Keeping Things Spotless This Spring (and All Year-round)

Springtime is usually welcomed with wide-open windows and outdoor fresh air, but—especially indoors—that extra sunshine can cast a light on those overlooked cleaning projects and chores that have accumulated over the winter months.

That’s where The Maids of Cincinnati shine, and—whether you call on their services or tidy up your home yourself—owner Terry Sanderson shares a number of suggestions for us all to keep in mind.

Weekly Tidy Tip
Terry recommends washing bedsheets weekly; those with pets that frequently hop up on the bed, consider doing so twice a week. “When you don’t wash your sheets often enough, the buildup of allergens can aggravate asthma, allergies, dermatitis, and other skin and respiratory issues. The symptoms associated with these health issues can also keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.”
Other weekly tasks: water plants, put away toys, clean the microwave

Monthly Cleaning Cues
When was the last time you deep-cleaned your coffeemaker? There’s a good chance that you (like most of us) haven’t done this for a while. “Over time, hard water minerals build up in your machine’s inner workings,” Terry points out. “You may notice your coffee takes longer to make—a monthly cleaning with white vinegar will take care of that, as well as help keep the water reservoir clean and bacteria-free.”
Other monthly to-dos: clean TV screens, baseboards and your oven

Annual To-Dos
Clean windows and underneath appliances at least once per year, Terry suggests. “If you live in a two-story home and your windows don’t slide-in for easy cleaning, either hire a pro or find someone who’s comfortable on a ladder.”
Also on the annual agenda: wash or dry-clean pillows, clean ceiling fans, remove unwanted clothing

Of course, calling in the pros for any home cleaning project works especially well for anyone with a limited schedule, or those who want to rest assured the job is done properly. Now, Terry says, is the perfect time to reach out to The Maids.

TheMaidsOfCincy.com | 513.396.6900

“Get a jump on spring,” Terry recommends. “Let The Maids give your home a top-to-bottom deep clean. As exclusive partners with Mr. Clean, that’s a key differentiator from our competitors.”

“We’ve been providing Greater Cincinnati with a 22-Step Healthy-Touch Deep-Cleaning System for nearly four decades—we’ll clear out all the old dust and allergens left over from the long winter, and above all, give you a fresh start!”

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