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This 2020 Handbag Trend is Going Green


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

OK, so yes, it is always a great idea to shop sustainably, and lots of fashion brands are moving in that direction. But this summer's trend is literally about the color green. Specifically, it's this attention-grabbing, bright green shade that Cosmopolitan calls "slime green."

"It may be a divisive hue, but there’s no denying it’s eye-catching. Embrace this bold color for summer 2020." —Cosmopolitan

Sure, it's not an appealing name—unless you're feeling nostalgic for your childhood days watching Nickelodeon. But I have to argue in favor of this trend. If you study the practice of manifesting what you want into existence, you'll see a big emphasis on the colors you surround yourself with. Colors carry a lot of symbolism and are constantly communicating with our subconscious, whether we notice it our not.

So, if your purse is where you carry your money (or at least your credit cards), and you're trying to manifest an abundant flow of income, why not carry a green purse? It sounds like great logic to me. Plus, these new trendy bags are pretty cute. Check them out for yourself!

Shop 'Slime Green' Handbags

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