Holiday Hair

Three styles to try for any celebration from the Jess Salon family

It’s that time of year when we are connecting with loved ones, making new relationships and want to feel and look our best. The confidence you feel when your hair looks amazing, your skin is glowing and you are totally vibing in your outfit can only bring positive energy and peace to your soul and encourage you take on any opportunity that comes your way. Nothing is more attractive than feeling powerful and beautiful in the space that we’ve created and that, my friends, takes investing in yourself.

Being a part of those feelings and stories of so many women is the exact reason Jess Hallock joined the beauty and education industry. A native Arizonan, Hallock couldn’t imagine building her beautiful creative space anywhere else, and after four years of growing her business she took the leap in 2019 and opened a 6,000-square-foot salon and boutique in Gilbert.

Over the past few years, Hallock has added an amazing team of women who share her dreams and vision. Whether you follow along online through her YouTube channel, blog or social media platforms, or you are just searching for a place to be inspired and transform your hair, you’ll find what you are looking for at JESS Salon & Boutique.

JESS specializes in the popular trends of lived-in color and hand-tied extensions, and it’s the top salon for HALOCOUTURE Extensions, which can be personally customized while providing an expedited turnaround. 

Invest in yourself this season so you can look and feel your best at all of your Holiday festivities. The gals at JESS Salon & Boutique can’t wait to meet you! 

The topsy tail hairstyle is the perfect style to dress up your look. It is ideal for medium to long lengths.

Big bouncy waves are everything this season and will make a statement at any party.

Add a customized Halo Extension to any holiday hairstyle to give it that extra glam. @halobyjess

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