This Year, I Resolve to ...

Tired of resolutions to lose weight and exercise more? Try these four guaranteed to bring better health in 2022

Every new year provides an opportunity to focus on your health. And after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important.

At PartnerMD, a concierge primary care practice with an office in Midlothian just off Woolridge Road, Dr. Lindsay Sherrard and health coach Jaime Monsen work together to help patients improve their health, especially in the new year.

You already know about eating right and exercising regularly. But what else should be on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Here are a few ideas:

Resolution No. 1: See your primary care physician.

During COVID, many people stopped seeing their physician regularly. According to Dr. Sherrard, that could create some problems.

“The preventive screening tests your PCP recommends can be life savers,” she said. “During the pandemic, I’ve seen complications from medications because patients haven’t gotten the frequent monitoring they need. I’ve seen cancer diagnoses delayed because of a lack of screening. Staying current on your preventive care is so important.”

The first step to improving your health in 2022 is to find a PCP you trust and to visit them consistently. Dr. Sherrard also recommends seeing a health coach for a customized nutrition and exercise plan, and establishing a relationship with a counselor to check in on your emotional health and sleep patterns.

Resolution No. 2: Set your goals for 2022.

Taking care of yourself is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones. Achieving your health goals in 2022 starts with having them in the first place.

“You can make tremendous progress in 12 months if you set goals and develop a plan with your PCP,” Dr. Sherrard says. “Working together, we can improve lab results, control your blood pressure, help manage weight, and optimize medications.”

Setting and achieving simple goals can pay huge dividends in a relatively short amount of time, Dr. Sherrard added. “Busy moms and other caregivers must remember that they will not be good caregivers if they’re not healthy themselves,” she said.

Resolution No. 3: Find an accountability partner.

As a health coach at PartnerMD, one of Jaime’s main roles is as an accountability partner for patients pursuing better health.

“Your partner could be a health coach, but it could also be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, etc.,” said Jaime. “Having a partner can have a huge impact on your success, and my patients who check in with me more often see more success managing their health.”

Resolution No. 4: Don’t quit if you lapse.

Getting off track should be expected, Jaime says. “It’s not realistic to think you won’t ever fall off track. It’s OK. The most important thing is to recognize it and get back to work.”

What’s the best advice for getting back on your program?

“Start immediately. Don’t let time go by,” said Jaime. “Today is your day to get back on track, even if it’s just getting back to small changes in your lifestyle or routine. Also, call your accountability partner. That’s what they are there for. I always suggest my patients call me as soon as they notice they’re lapsing. I’m here to get you back on track and make it easier for you!”


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