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Dehmie Dehmlow is the Ceramics Artist in Residence for 2023-2024

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This Year’s Artists in Residence

Meet the Printmaker and Ceramics Artist Selected by Lawrence Arts Center

Article by Denise DeTommaso

Photography by Provided by Lawrence Arts Center

Originally published in Lawrence City Lifestyle

Dehmie Dehmlow 
2023/24 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Dehmlow’s work is empowered by intuition and imagination and based in storytelling. She builds sculptures using found materials, ceramics, and other fabricated objects. 

“My practice as an interdisciplinary artist making modular sculpture engages in thought processes that deploy forms of reclamation,” she explains.

Dehmlow grew up in Denver, Colorado. She earned her BA in ceramics and pre-medical sciences from Colorado State University. In addition to ceramics, she has a background in caregiving for the elderly and adults with disabilities. She was a ceramics intern at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado before she was selected as the 2019 Salad Days Artist in Residence at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine.

Next, Dehmlow completed a Post-Baccalaureate program at Louisiana State University. She received her MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2022 and completed a PrattMWP—New York residency in May of 2023. 

At Dehmlow’s studio, visitors will get to view her work and meet her dog, Hadlie, who is now the art center dog-in-residence. Dehmlow will not only create new sculptural works, but she has also dived into a fund-raising project for The Willow, a domestic violence support center in Lawrence. The “You Are Not Alone” project involves gathering quotes and statements from artists around the community and weaving them to create a banner that will hang in the gallery for all to see next summer.

“Lawerence is an awesome town,” says Dehmlow. “I felt immediately at home here. It is so much like Fort Collins, with so much to do, great people, music, and art. I would consider staying here.

Then she adds, “This is a good time for me to reflect on where I go next and what else I can contribute both from an art perspective and to the community. I love teaching and will explore opportunities in this community.”

View Dehmlow’s work at or Instagram @dehmdehm

Rachel Beer

2023/24 Printmaking Artist in Residence

Beer’s art is founded on a love of drawing, and she extends this love into the mediums of printmaking by combining the lively qualities of woodblock and monotype printing with the delicacy of graphite and lithography. Guests visiting her studio will witness lovely prints, finely cut and layered into delicate sculptural works. She’s delighted with life in Lawrence and the daily inspiration from nature she finds while wandering throughout the community. Influenced by her experiences navigating invisible illness/disability, her work explores the fluctuations between her internal and external ecosystems to draw attention to the small and often overlooked moments of regeneration within these disturbed environments.

When describing her life in Lawrence, Beer says, “People are so welcoming. I am inspired daily by cracks in the pavements and pathways, the urban vegetation, and the quality of life I find here.”

Beer is a visual artist based in the Midwest. She received her BFA in drawing and printmaking from the University of Oklahoma in May 2019 and graduated with her MFA in printmaking from Northern Illinois University in May of 2023. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Midwest and internationally.

View her work on Instagram @rachelbeerprints.

“My biggest goal while here in Lawrence is to strengthen the connection with the arts community here and in the area,” Beer says. “My hope is to continue to teach in this community, or one like this, in the future.” 

“My biggest goal while here in Lawrence is to strengthen the connection with the arts community here and in the area."

  • Work by Dehmie Dehmlow
  • Dehmie Dehmlow
  • Dehmie Dehmlow
  • Dehmie Dehmlow is the Ceramics Artist in Residence for 2023-2024
  • Work by Rachel Beer
  • Work by Rachel Beer
  • Work by Rachel Beer
  • Rachel Beer
  • Printmaking Artist in Residence Rachel Beer