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Expert Advice from a 3rd Generation Roofer

Dan Thompson shares tips and recommendations for homeowners regarding storm damage and home exteriors

Hail Damage | What a professional looks for

After summer storms, you may have a need to replace roofing, siding or gutters. Dan Thompson, co-owner of Thompson and Thompson Roofing, says, “You usually can’t tell if you have hail damage when standing on the ground. It’s good to contact a roofing company to get an inspection.” When a professional gets on the roof, they look for impacts on shingles, metal flashings, and chimney caps, which can all point to damage. Gutters, downspouts, windows, trim work, and siding are also checked. 

Filing a Claim | What to be aware of

There are several things homeowners should keep in mind as they go through the claims process. Before making a claim, Thompson says, “Know how much your deductible is, as they’ve risen significantly in the last few years, and not all insurance companies are the same.” Thompson also advises, “Be your best advocate and walk around with the adjustor when they look at your property, or even have your contractor look with them.” He also shares that the process takes time, “What used to take 2-3 weeks now can take 2 months,” Thompson says. 


Roofing, Siding, and Gutters | Recommendations

There are many options these days for replacing roofing, siding and gutters. Thompson states, “It’s no longer tear shingles off and nail shingles on. Everything is a system that needs to be followed.” To protect from hail in the future, Thompson recommends high-quality impact-resistant roofing. “We like Euroshield, a rubber shield made from recycled tires.” For siding, the LP SmartSide is a great option. “This is a wood product that is much stronger and has fewer seams than vinyl and cement board,” he says. Finally, Thompson recommends adding gutter guards as they may help prevent gutter replacements the next time around.

  • Dan and Jim Thompson, owners of Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation

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