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Thoughtful Gifting

“What do you want for Christmas?” are six words that stop me in my tracks. Not because I am a scrooge. On the contrary, I love the holidays and gift giving. I love the look of joy and smiles the perfectly selected gift brings. The question creates temporary paralysis because it seems obligatory. It’s not heartfelt. Here are three tips on how to be a thoughtful gift giver.

Inquiring Minds
Instead of asking, “What do you want…” ask what brings you joy? Give your loved one a gift that reminds them of their joyful moments. You will be amazed by what you hear. It may be something simple like my morning coffee. A coffee subscription or a year’s worth of gift cards to their favorite coffee shop is thoughtful.

Make It Personal
Amazon makes it convenient to shop and give, but removes personal touches. Send a handwritten note. Notes are priceless and keepsakes. If you buy their favorite wine, sign the bottle or have it etched.

Let’s Do It
Hats, purses, expensive stuff are great, but experiences are better. Time is invaluable. People want to spend time doing something they love. Give experiences, like a wine tasting, tickets to a play, etc. Hopefully your experiential gift creates lasting memories. Memories can never be returned.

Leslie Frelow is the Owner & Chief Discovery Officer (CDO) of The Wine Concierge (Washington, DC). The Wine Concierge is an online wine retail store, that features women and BIPOC wine producers. They offer subscription memberships, wine sales, and wine tasting events.

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