Three Businesses for the Body

A gentleman’s guide to finding health, wellness, and relaxation

Taking care of one’s body from the inside out is becoming a widely known method of creating a life of health and wellness. Maintaining a balance between fitness, rest, and ensuring our bodies are free of stress, pain, and toxicities is an ever-changing feat that everyone struggles with. Some men might think that wellness might not be something to prioritize, but everyone should feel empowered to care for themselves.

Three businesses, The NOW Massage, Smash Iron Fitness, and the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas are all owned by local hard-working men who strive to provide their guests the power of taking control of their health through the mind and body.

The NOW Massage Boutique redefines spas by truly embodying a healing center for everyone to rejuvenate their bodies through massage therapy. Franchise Owners Jacob Lanning and Michael Schlazer have created a peaceful environment with a modern design while still incorporating natural materials. The NOW Massage offers three signature treatments, the NOW, the HEALER, and the STRETCH, all focusing on different aspects of recovery, relaxation, and balance. With advanced training, their massage therapists exceed expectations and perform their skills finely tuned to specifically target stress relief and health improvement. With an emphasis on caring for the well-being of their community, they not only take pride in their spa services but also engage in charities to even further their care.

“We pride ourselves on giving back to our local community through charity donations, pop-up events, and supporting other like-minded businesses through partnerships and more,” said Michael Shlazer. “We feel so lucky to be able to do what we love while also supporting our community and building meaningful relationships.”

Taking care of one’s health–specifically physical fitness–can also be a great step towards wellness. The trainers at Smash Iron Fitness support anyone along this path in a custom way for each individual. Consistency is the key component to creating lasting results. Carlo Paredes, personal trainer and owner of Smash Iron Fitness, said, “Along with hard work, the small everyday decisions outside of these gym doors matter. Not only do we focus on weights, but also the mind, nutritional guidance, and mindset.”

Whether the client is a bodybuilder, mother, office worker, or student who is just beginning their physical health journey, Paredes believes there is room for all. Even though it has the equipment to support elite athletes, Smash Iron Fitness makes an effort to discard all notions of intimidation, creating an open atmosphere for all levels of exercise. Smash Iron Fitness encourages the community to care for their own bodies. Exercising through resistance training, honing skills in jiu-jitsu, and learning what diet is best for each person’s lifestyle are all catalysts to feeling the most connected to oneself.

And for those with chronic pain, The Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas create hope and relief. They allow comprehensive care in targeting the root cause of why someone is experiencing pain, oftentimes deterring the patient away from having to use harsher prescription medication drugs or sometimes even surgery. With their proven techniques, The Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas give their patients the freedom to live their lives without hindering physical pain. The back, neck, feet, knee, and so many other areas that could be afflicted with pain, like migraines and headaches, are treatable with their proven techniques and technologies.

According to The Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas: This is the only clinic in Las Vegas offering epidural injections that have potent anti-inflammatory potential without the need for immune suppressant steroids. Dr. Odell is a pioneer in electric cell signaling treatment using the RST-Sanexas neoGEN® device.

Pain, relaxation, and fitness are all connected. Avoiding any one of these throughout life is almost impossible. Creating time and seeking the right help can lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. These three businesses owned by gentlemen in our community are notably changing lives by empowering people to care for the bodies they have.

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