Three Decades of Winning Hearts

The Jeweler Upstairs: A Legacy of Love from Downtown’s Hidden Gem

How to locate joy: Sometimes it’s hard to find. But in this case, it’s on the second floor of the Sanders Law Firm Building in downtown Colorado Springs at Ted Blum Jewelers (aka The Jeweler Upstairs). Here’s where you’ll find beautifully curated vintage and estate rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches as well as a team of artisans who work non-stop on repairs, custom designs and engravings, insurance appraisals and cleaning.

Delivering Personal Experiences

Nearly everyone here is family or a decades-long friend. There’s a palpable sense of warmth and camaraderie from this dedicated team who’s devoted to helping customers celebrate the joy of life by delivering personal experiences that will last a lifetime.

Now “retired,” although he comes in five days a week, Ted Blum moved to Colorado Springs from Washington, D.C., and founded the shop in 1994 to do repairs and services. He took on partner Barry Belenke in 2014 to create a retail showroom. Belenke was already experienced in the jewelry business, having learned from his father who operated a diamond business in south Florida and then ran the business after his dad retired; and his grandfather, who started their business in New York City. Belenke and his daughter, Madeline, run the vintage side of the shop, buying and selling vintage jewelry and diamonds.

Blum’s son, Matt, took over the shop from him a few years ago. Brother Casey and longtime friend Jordan Sabata round out the group as designers and jewelers.

“What makes us special is that every one of us is very experienced," Matt says. "It takes decades to learn our craft. We aren’t a startup with novices. Everyone is a specialist at what they do.” 

Entirely In-House

“Everything is done in-house,” Belenke says, “from sizing to wax modeling, hand engraving and design. We can do complete fabrication, so you can build your ring, charm — anything. We can even engrave diamonds.”

Aside from their vintage and custom work, Ted Blum Jewelers can repurpose old jewelry by melting down old pieces you hardly ever wear or aren’t your style to create a custom-designed piece. Whether it’s an old ring, pendant, pair of earrings or even just a piece of gold, they can recast it into something new — like an engagement or a wedding ring.

Second-generation jeweler Sabata recently completed a commission for a charm that depicts the Colorado state flag. Composed of hundreds of stones provided by the client, the piece features hand-set diamonds, rubies, sapphires and more. The happy client wears it on a chain around his neck.

Matt and his wife, Crystal, Ted and Casey anchor the back of the shop, hunched over their tables with various tools, protective aprons and their ubiquitous microscopes and magnifying lenses. Crystal handles appraisals and is an expert gemologist. Here, they meet the non-stop demand for jewelry and watch repairs, sizing, ring assembly, finishing and refinishing. A portion of their business comes from retail and department stores in the region that don’t employ an on-site jeweler.

Some gifts are nice to open in your pajamas. But if you’re considering making a statement of your love to the most important person in your life, it deserves a little fanfare. A gift from the team at Barry Belenke and Ted Blum Jewelers ensures it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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