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Lila Asnani, Dress for Success Southern Nevada Boutique Image Consultant and owner of Styling Insider

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Three Easy Tips for Repurposing Your Little Black Dress

The black sheath dress has come a long way from its 1926 debut in American Vogue by Coco Chanel. Today it is referred to as the little black dress, or LBD, and is a staple in most women's wardrobes.

It can take you from the humblest gathering to a sophisticated black-tie gala and everything in between, which makes it a must-have. Available in different fabrics and styles, its versatility allows you to wear it for different work scenarios—from job interviews to business presentations. The secret lies in knowing the context and how to accessorize accordingly to fit the scenario.

1. Use a statement necklace to make—you guessed it—a statement! The type of necklace you choose will depend on the occasion. Traditional pearls are a good choice for more formal settings such as a job interview, while a simpler option would fit the bill for a lunch meeting.

2. Scarves are another easy way to accessorize. Vary your scarf fabrics according to the season; lightweight scarves for summer and heavier knit or wool scarves for cooler seasons. 

3. Blazers are one of the easiest ways to change up your LBD. Wear a pop of color to express your mood or the image you wish to project. Are you feeling particularly powerful? Then think about adding a bright-colored blazer. Choose a floral print during warm months and more traditional patterns like herringbone or houndstooth when the occasion is more formal.

From there, add different style shoes to change your look— heels for more formal settings and flats for more casual occasions. And above all, nothing is more fashionable than a smile.

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  • Lila Asnani, Dress for Success Southern Nevada Boutique Image Consultant and owner of Styling Insider