Dr. Frederick Joubert, DDS, Speaks on Fatherhood

I’ve been blessed with four wonderful children ranging in age from 5 years old to 24 year old. With that big of a spread I will have spent over 40 years raising my children into adulthood. Fortunately I love being called “Dad”. I’ve also been blessed with a career as a dentist that I am equally passionate about. Like so many parents today with the extended families being spread across great distances, I’ve learned to be a juggler between “Dad” and “Dr. Joubert”. We all endeavor to perform our best in both roles but sometimes feel divided between the two.

I was raised with the notion that success is closely linked to achievements in a competitive environment. That has worked for me within my career. I take great pride in learning and implementing the latest and greatest materials and procedures in my office determined to give my patients the best quality care possible.

Likewise, as a new parent, I wanted to be “the best dad ever”. I soon found out my version of success did not work well for me as a father. I mistakenly started out thinking I would be able to shape my children’s development and interests. Having one son adopted from Cambodia gave me three children each about one year apart. I quickly realized that they each were predestined to grow and develop as individuals, and my job was not to shape them but to provide them with an environment to support their growth and development.

When I see my children interacting and expressing themselves on Father’s Day, I am grateful for the diversity created by their growth and development.

As defined at, the terms growth and development are inseparable but different concepts.

Growth refers to the increase in height, weight and body size of a person. In biology, growth is the increase in the size of an organ or cell.

On the other hand, development refers to the growth process where a person can develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, morally, etc. Development depends upon both heredity and environment.

So on Father’s Day, what is most celebrated by me is not me being the “Best Dad Ever”, although I do save the Father’s Day mugs and school made cards. No, what I celebrate is discovering and rediscovering my children’s lifelong personal development that leads to diversity, acceptance and tolerance.

When I see my young adult children accepting each other for who they are becoming, sharing views and passions and offering each other support, to me that’s success.

In addition to being a great dad, Dr. Frederick Joubert, DDS is one of the best dentists in South Charlotte.  He provides wonderful care for patients in his practice at Arboretum Dentistry, 3135 Springbank Lane, Suite 210, Charlotte, NC 28270.  Make an appointment at 704.544.9199 and learn more at

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