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Three Ideal Jobs for Teens

Having a job helps teens learn money management

Article by Amanda Creasey

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

All parents want the best for their children, and typically share the common goal of preparing their kids to thrive as productive and capable adults. One of the most important skills parents can impart to their children is financial responsibility. Allowing kids to manage their own money before they leave home can help them understand not only how to save it, but also how to spend it responsibly. Providing the opportunity for children to earn their own money also allows them to feel proud of their earnings, and increases their motivation to be savvy spenders and savers. Teens who work for their money often learn not only good money management skills, but also social skills, workplace readiness skills, and a sense of pride and independence. Opportunities abound for teens to earn their own paychecks. Consider the following options.

1. Run Errands 

With the world slowly returning to normal, people are once again busy with professional and personal obligations. Finding time to grocery shop, mail packages, or run other necessary errands can be challenging. Teens who drive or live within walking distance of local businesses might consider starting their own errand-running service. Such a service would help teens get to know their neighbors, teach them money management skills, and help them understand how to efficiently navigate their locality and its businesses. It could also equip them with a better understanding of the basic responsibilities of adulthood, such as how to plan a grocery list and ascertain the best value. In addition, this endeavor allows for a flexible schedule, providing teens an opportunity to hone time management skills and allowing them to accommodate their school, social, and extracurricular activities schedule.  

2. Tutor 

Academically minded teens could start their own tutoring business or work for one of the many local tutoring organizations in Cypress. Teens could offer homework help and other academic support in their own homes, in clients’ homes, virtually using the Internet, or, if they work for a local tutoring franchise, on site. This role allows teens not only to earn and manage their own money, but also to better understand their own academic subjects as they figure out ways to teach the information to others. In the process of helping their clients, they also solidify the skills and information for themselves. In addition, this altruistic role provides the benefit of being of service to others, a feeling many teens find fulfilling. It can also look great on a college application.

3. Referee or Coach Youth Sports

If your teen enjoys playing or watching sports, the perfect role can be found at a youth sports club like i9 Sports, where teens can work as coaches or referees for a variety of different sports. Being good at the sport is not a requirement. All a teen needs to succeed as an employee of i9 is a solid work ethic, the ability to learn, and a positive attitude. Sports clinics and camps run during the week and leagues play on the weekends all year round. Employees can referee for the leagues on the weekends and coach at clinics and camps throughout the week, selecting which days and times they’re available to work. This degree of flexibility allows them to earn money and manage their own schedule–all while engaging in a sport they enjoy.