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Thornebrook Gallery & David Arrighi

Loving What I Do

After 41 years on January 31st, 2023, Thornebrook Gallery will be closing its doors. And while David’s amazing framing business and gallery filled with new and eclectic art will be greatly missed in our community, David will not be completely getting out of the art and gallery business. David will still be representing artists and provide professional services, through the Thornebrook Gallery website.  

How did Thornebrook Gallery come to be? In 1981 what would become Thornebrook Gallery opened. It was just 3 weeks after graduation from the University of Florida and David and Art Frank, his partner, opened Frame Crafters. Frame Crafters was in the Millhopper Shopping Center, just across 16th Avenue from the current location. The framing business thrived. But something was missing. 

David and Art wanted to expand their frame shop and also add an Art Gallery. So in 1985, when the Shoppes of Thornebrook development began, David and Art leaped at the opportunity to do both and Thornebrook Gallery was born. 

Since 1985 they have added an additional 1,000 square feet to Thornebrook Gallery, opened a second location in Ponte Vedra from 2000-2005 and Art retired from the business. Now it is time for David and his wife to do some traveling. While David is excited about the chance to travel and still work with his friends and artists through the Thornebrook Gallery website, he is going to deeply miss his work family.

Colleen Murray, the framer at Thornebrook Gallery is the most amazing framer David has ever met. Colleen has been with David for over 37 years. Her wealth of knowledge of all areas of framing and incredible skills has meant the world to the Gallery. David expressed that “Many of our customers have such a close relationship with Colleen that when they come in, she is the one they want to talk to.”

“Chitra Pekala pretty much runs the gallery, she does most of the display work and works with customers as well as helping select the crafts we bring into the gallery.” Chitra has been with David for 6 years now. A prior resident of Baltimore, Chitra ran one of the three locations of "As Kindred Spirits", a very fine gallery there.

Martha Jane Friedrich was among David's very first customers in the early 80's. Martha and her husband have done a lot of framing with David  and earlier this year when David needed sales help, Martha Jane jumped at the chance to become a part of the Thornebrook Gallery work family. David says, “She is a people person and makes folks feel relaxed and really enjoy their visit to the gallery with no pressure.”

David LOVES what he does. So, please stop by and say, “Hi” to David and his work family. And before the doors close, don’t forget to check out the beautiful pieces that will make amazing gifts for families and friends. 


Call: (352) 378-4947

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