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Gorgeous blue butterfly

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Through her lens

'Make sure you really have passion for what you want to do'

More than 10 years ago, Jennifer Murphree made a purchase that unlocked her life’s passion.

“I purchased a camera with some money I received as gifts for my high school graduation,” she said. “I took some pictures and some of my family said that I had a real talent, and that inspired me to start my business.”

Murphree launched Jen Jen Photography in 2012. Today, she travels around north Alabama and all over Cullman County for her clients, capturing everything from portraits to community events to athletic competitions. She also has an incredible eye for nature.

Her favorite parts of her job, according to Murphree, are “showing people how I see the world through my lens and seeing people smile.” 

Her advice for young people embarking on careers in photography or any other creative field is simple, but so important: “Make sure you really have passion for what you want to do.” 

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"God blessed me with this gift, and it has helped me communicate better."

Jennifer Murphree, who has Asperger's Syndrome

  • Check out this close-up shot of a spider.
  • Duncan Bridge
  • Nature is JenJen’s favorite subject.
  • Gorgeous blue butterfly
  • An excellent shot on a moonlit night
  • Jennifer "Jen Jen" Murphree