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Throwbacks & Thrifting

Current Trends Make Old the New In

Article by Annie Brubaker

Photography by Jeni Fleck & Annie Brubaker

Originally published in Parker City Lifestyle

We’ve all heard that fashion is cyclical and if you’ve left the house lately, you’ve probably noticed that high-waisted shorts and neon 80’s inspired sunglasses made a huge comeback this summer. Men are rocking retro mustaches (thanks T. Cruise) and women who swore they’d never dress like their mothers are taking “mom jeans” and making them all their own. 

As avid lovers of style and advocates for personal expression, the ladies at Denim Tuxedo support all of the above!  Denim Tuxedo is an up-and-coming online boutique focused on vintage and gently used thrifted items and is the passion project of two best friends who love raiding grandma’s basement and the thrill of finding gems at thrift stores and garage sales. The concept behind the brand is to not only recycle clothes, accessories and even home goods; but to encourage fellow gurus and fledgling fashionistas alike to explore, risk and just have fun finding what makes them feel good.  

While there is a plethora of advice out there on do’s and don’ts and faux pas and fashion fails, the guiding conviction these ladies lead by is to dress in whatever makes you feel good, strong, fearless, attractive and ultimately, like the incredible person you are. 

Whether you are exploring mom or grandma’s closet for vintage discoveries (be sure to ask the story about the Ozzy crop buried in the back) or spending a Saturday at thrift shops and garage sales, here are our top three tips for bringing new life to perfectly wearable relics:

1. Layers, layers, layers: Don’t be afraid to layer pieces you never would have thought go together. A denim jacket is a classic layer that can pair with almost anything. A leather vest over a feminine dress adds a bit of an unexpected edge. Layers allow for fun, playful variations on old styles and let you bring them back in a way that is uniquely “you”.

2. Patterns: Embrace patterns, texture and mix fabrics. Leather and lace? Definitely! Denim and linen? Do it!

3. Masculine can be beautiful: Don’t forget to check out the men’s section! Suit pants and oversized blazers are great items to layer and play with for a look that is delicate but bossy. Don’t be afraid to play dress up. We don’t get to do that as adults and it’s just as fun as it used to be!

“Don’t be afraid to play dress up. We don’t get to do that as adults and it’s just as fun as it used to be!”