Thunderbird Clubhouse

Nonprofit Helps Those With Mental Illness Discover/Rediscover Their Talents, Abilities and Interests

As a new year approaches, we often make resolutions to take care of our physical health and appearance. While these are worthy goals, there’s another aspect of health that’s all too often overlooked or pushed aside in pursuit of other achievements. A little secret: taking care of mental health is a vital step in helping achieve goals in ANY area of life.

To effect lasting, positive changes, you must be mentally prepared and psychologically strong enough to break harmful habits and form healthy new ones. To build this particular savings account may require a repositioning of priorities and a determination to build new coping mechanisms rather than making that splurge purchase, which only temporarily makes you feel better.

It may sound daunting to step forward and address this important component of a healthy, well-rounded life. Seeking help may require stepping out of your comfort zone and feeling exposed. But here in Cleveland County, you need not go it alone, for there exists an amazing organization that not only helps individuals focus on their own mental health but brings people together to work smoothly in a community format.

At Thunderbird Clubhouse, individuals can fine help and support—and a chance to serve a worthy organization. Through this organization, individuals can put their mental health first so that they can find success in all the other parts of their lives.

I spoke recently with the communication unit at Thunderbird Clubhouse and learned about their organization, how to get involved, and what you can do to help.

Could you provide a brief description of your organization? What is your mission?

Thunderbird Clubhouse is a community of individuals in recovery from mental illness. The goal of the Clubhouse is to support its members as they discover or rediscover talents, abilities and interests.

We are creating a new future for adults recovering from mental illness through the positive power of meaningful work, community, choice and hope.

What are your short- and long-term goals?

Our vision and long-term goal is that all adults with mental illness will experience a community of recovery. We achieve this by empowering our members through opportunities to share their skills and be needed in the work of the Clubhouse. We develop meaningful relationships through the work and shared responsibilities.

Our short-term goal is to expand our membership by reaching out to community partners and agencies to serve a larger population in the Norman area.

What areas do you serve?

We are located in Norman but welcome all members who are able to attend and meet our qualifications. We are part of an international network of over 300 Clubhouses located throughout the world.

Could you tell us about the three different service areas members can participate in?

Members and staff work side-by-side in all operations of the Clubhouse. Members choose to work in one of our three units. The Culinary Unit prepares lunch daily, operates our snack bar, plans food and beverages for social events, and oversees our Education Program. The Clerical Unit handles the day-to-day computer work in the Clubhouse, including billing, data entry, documenting statistics, banking services for members and our Housing Program. The Communication Unit manages our community outreach, social media, marketing, employment development and social planning.

Could you tell us a bit more about your food prep/service lunch program?

Our Culinary Unit works together to plan the meals that we serve as a part of our work-ordered day for our members. Culinary unit members will take meal suggestions from the entire Clubhouse and use them to plan a month’s worth of healthy, balanced meals. Each morning, the unit plans how the meal will be prepared and provided. On average, each day we serve about 25 to 30 meals to our members. Last year, we served 4,844 meals.

What can readers do to help your organization? Do you have a special wish list for 2020?

Readers can help spread the word about our organization in the community. And we always accept monetary donations, as well as food, clothing, hygiene products and household items.

 Thunderbird Clubhouse

 1251 Triad Village Drive. Norman, OK 73071

 321.7331 (also on Facebook)

Instagram: @thunderbirdclubhouse

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