Time is More Valuable Than Money

5 podcasts about investing in everything but finances 

The LifeHack Show - Setting goals is the easy part - achieving them is the real contest. Begin spending time on the important things and adapt this step-by-step system to change your life and reach your goals. 

The Shawn Ryan Show - Part of investing in yourself is choosing to never cease to learn new perspectives. Allow this veteran and his guest’s recollection of the ups and downs in life to challenge your outlook and values. 

Modern Love - Instead of merely listening to advice, reimagine your relationships by hearing short stories about real-life love, heartbreak, divorce, and other moving topics that are shared to inspire thoughtful analysis of your own connections. 

The Bible in a Year - Tune into 365 episodes for a realistic approach to reading The Bible in a year. By adding commentary, reflection, and prayer alongside the scripture, this transformative podcast will create a deeper understanding of God’s word.

How to Fail - Go easier on yourself after listening to stories of utter failures. Learn to celebrate and appreciate the outcome when things don’t go as planned with discussions of how to grow and succeed after a setback. 

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