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Timeless Allure

Permanent Makeup

Article by Krista Whisner, GJ Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Jennifer Maxfield

Originally published in Grand Junction Lifestyle

“Where is the best place to get permanent eyeliner?” This is one of the questions that licensed optometrist Dr. Tracy Miller is repeatedly asked while performing eye exams. Time and time again, she has been asked, and time and time again she did not have an answer. Eventually, that repeated question helped her hatch a plan. If permanent eyeliner was in demand then why not become certified to do it herself? 

In the state of Colorado, it is a rigorous process to become certified. To the benefit of her patients, Dr. Miller did not let that deter her. With the growing popularity of permanent makeup, Dr. Miller is giving her clients a place to feel safe and secure in the quality of work they are receiving. As an optometrist for over 30 years, she knows the ins and outs of caring for eyes. She is hoping this will help put to rest any of the fears her clients may have. Dr. Miller’s goal is to help her clients simplify their morning routine and to help them feel better about themselves. 

As an optometrist she speaks of the pleasure she gets caring for the eyes of her patients and helping them see better. Now she also gets the pleasure of caring for eyes in a new way that also helps her permanent makeup clients look better too! 

Dr. Miller's passion for these additional services is evident in her voice as she speaks about her cosmetic services, which include permanent makeup, Ombré Powder Brows, permanent lip color and microblading. These services not only simplify a daily routine, they give many clients (even some men) the poise and accuracy they tend to lose when poor dexterity and diminished vision make looking their best more difficult following medical treatment or due to conditions of aging. For some, this restored confidence can truly be life changing, especially if dexterity has been lost!

With no more need to touch up repeatedly throughout the day, recipients of these procedures can exercise and sweat, swim, shower and much more, always ready to go from one activity to the next with minimal time at the bathroom mirror. Consider this: It's vacation time and the itinerary has horseback riding on the beach, a dip in the lagoon and a massage on the schedule, followed by a dinner and live music show. No longer will it take an hour to get the look just right between these activities. Shower, hair and outfit and out the door you go! Sweat, salt water or fresh, soaps, lotions shampoos and conditioners don't affect the permanent makeup either. It's truly wash and go.

These treatments also go a long way to keep depression away when someone has lost the ability to apply cosmetics to their own face. Dr. Miller says, "I love the feeling I get when a patients gain renewed confidence in themselves in a way that improves their lives. It's quality service with love and care for those who need a boost in confidence with added convenience as they face the world and their daily lives with joy and ease."

If decreasing your makeup routine is something that interests you, please check out Timeless Allure with Dr. Tracy Miller at her NEW location within the Sola Salon Studios inside Mesa Mall!