Timeless Cowboy Boots: Wardrobe Staple

Alvies Embraces Tradition, Heritage and Authenticity

Alvie Faulkenbery grew up in East Texas. “Everyone wore cowboy boots, but it was just never my thing, and I felt like a poser any time I tried them on. I was more of a long-haired flip-flop guy,” he says.

That all changed once he slipped on a pair he inherited from his late grandfather. “After putting them on, I was shocked at how good they felt, and at how good they made me feel. Plus, they reminded me of him,” says Alvie. “And shortly after, I realized that I could pull off the style and didn’t have to look like a cowboy to wear cowboy boots.”

Alvie set out to make the finest boots in the world, all while maintaining a hyper-local presence. “We love Austin and the Hill Country. Nowhere else will you find the same mix of hippies and cowboys, tech moguls and musicians,” he says. “It’s a place where everyone is free to be themselves.”

Alvies boots are handmade in traditional artisan style in León, Mexico, where the bootmaking trade goes back centuries. The boots have a timeless design, and every pair includes signature features that make Alvies comfortable and durable.

The boots are made in Mexico but the spirit of the brand lives in the Hill Country. Vice President of Operations Bear Connery lives in Dripping Springs. “The area encompasses everything anyone would want to brag about, and at the same time, we like to keep it our little secret,” Bear says. 

Like Dripping Springs, Alvies has evolved and maintained a classic Texas spirit. “We take a ton of pride in creating timeless cowboy boots with signature design and purpose behind every design element,” says Alvie. “To top it off, all of our boots come with a lifetime guarantee and our family name on the boot, which shows our confidence in our product.”

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