Timeless Home Designs That Are Also on Trend

Creating a style and story that’s all your own

Christine (Cherry) Maggiore-Escribano, owner of Cherry Home Designs, is a storyteller, but instead of using words, she uses her interior design skills. “The design is a catalyst to getting to know people's stories,” she says. “Clients’ furniture and art actually tell a story.”

Since decorating styles tend to change every few years, so do people’s stories. But, instead of a complete overhaul, she likes to take what clients already own and incorporate it with some new ideas. “When we're styling, we curate from their meaningful things and then we fill in with new stuff as needed,” says Christine. “I don't just bring trends. Instead, I focus on creating a timeless environment that has some trend influences.” 

For example, while a gray and white palette and a starker look were popular during the last few years, that is definitely changing. Color is back, and so is comfort. “People are trying to make their homes feel more cozy than empty,” she says. “They’re telling me they want to make their home feel like a warm hug. I'm also hearing clients say they want a little bit of glamor right now. Maximalism is making its way back where it's an opulent layering of textures and patterns.” 

To find out how Christine can best tell your story, visit her at her current store in Westfield, or at her second location in Scotch Plains opening this spring. “Your home should be the most comfortable, beautiful space with things that matter to you,” she says. 

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