Timeless style

Cullman's White Willow serves clients from Nashville to Florida

If you’ve designed or furnished a home around Cullman, you’re probably familiar with White Willow. Owner Libby Crider opened the thriving business seven years ago.   

“I started White Willow in March 2016 in a super small space,” she remembered. “It has grown so much, sometimes it's hard to believe where it all started.”

Crider is an excellent source of inspiration. She explained one rule to remember when designing/furnishing your home: “If you have a large family, the areas you gather in need to be size appropriate. Remembering to be true to yourself and your lifestyle is very important. It can be beautiful but has to be functional!”

She continued, “You can't go wrong with classic clean lines and neutral colors. You can add pops of color and your personality with pillows, rugs and art. If you keep your base neutral it is easy to change accents. A common design mistake is being too trendy. If you design your space based on a trend you will likely want to change it sooner than if you stayed with a timeless style.”

Her advice to young people starting businesses?

“Be patient. Success doesn't happen overnight! You learn new things every day and have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Finding something you love to do makes the hard work all worthwhile.”  


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