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Signature vintage stool alongside custom artwork provide elegant finishes.

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Timeless Style

Trending designs that never go out of style

Not everyone has the gift of a designer's eye and attention to detail, but those of us who know Ella Murdock would say she’s a master of making magic happen in a space.  

Since 2017, Southernite Interiors has been helping its clients redefine their spaces with artistic precision. Ella Murdock, owner and principal designer of Southernite Interiors, brings beauty and functionality to life in each of her design concepts. 

Not only does the Southernite team provide heartfelt customer service, but they also strive to create “timeless style” in each one of their design concepts. Each project focuses on equipping every client with pieces of design that eschews trends and melds the past with the present.  For instance, the use of wallpaper and warm metal tones has been seen throughout many decades but is shown here with a colorful update. Ella’s keen eye allows her to add thought-provoking accessories, like the golden woodpecker cabinet pull or the vintage stool, in an otherwise modern room. 

Every person’s vision of a room counts with Southernite Interiors. Not only is the quality of furnishings outstanding, but the design efforts made by Ella and her team go far beyond the standards held by many.  They love collaborating with their clients to present the best version of each client's dream design. As Southernite Interiors embarks on new adventures in 2024, we look forward to Canton and surrounding areas benefiting from such a talented and humble steward of timeless, exceptional quality design.

  • Warm gold tone finishes with classic wallpaper provides timeless appeal.
  • Signature vintage stool alongside custom artwork provide elegant finishes.
  • Unique door handles matched with earthy tones pulls the room together with classy feel.