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The Owners of Deka Lash Can Help You Cut Valuable Time Off Your Beauty Routine

For busy women, time is a valuable commodity. How would it feel to wake up every morning with your brows and lashes ready for the day? Not needing to apply mascara is a game changer. From new moms getting pampered to wedding parties scheduling their services together and having a mini celebration, Deka Lash changes the morning and special occasion beauty routine for everyone.  

Deka Lash co-owners Kearin Schulte and Lexi Tehven have teamed up to best serve the community in the Denver metro area.

“Deka Lash is a one-stop shop for all things lashes and brows, including sugaring (hair removal) for face and brows,” Lexi emphasizes. “We can take care of everything from the neck up.”

“New moms look in the mirror and love the way they look,” Kearin says, “and they really enjoy getting a few minutes to themselves.” This makes a great gift from a new father.

The wide range of eyelash extension styles and eyebrow services offer everyday luxury for all lifestyles. The services and products are great, but the team of lash artists make the magic happen. They are highly trained experts who love building relationships with each client. You are included in the decision-making process during customized consultations.

“You feel good when you wake up,” comments one satisfied customer, “and you don’t have to spend extra time getting ready.”

District Manager Peri Tehven concurs. “Our products and services do things that makeup can’t do. There is no smearing, smudging or caking. It’s a natural look that customers love.”

Of course, maintenance is the key to ongoing results and time-saving mornings, and the advantage of the no-contract membership option saves hundreds of dollars per year. In addition to the two refills a month for eyelash extensions that are part of the plan, discounts are available on other services and products. Exclusive service add-ons such as hydrating lip and eye masks are also available.

Eyebrow microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo artistry, where pigment is implanted under the skin with a handheld tool that makes hairlike strokes mimicking natural brow hairs that can last up to a year.

Sugaring by Alexandria Professional is a simple, safe and natural hair-removal product made from sugar, lemon juice and water. It is less irritating than traditional waxing and can be a more permanent hair removal solution with repeated treatments.

Total Brow is a customized service for brows that includes mapping, shaping with sugaring and makeup maintenance.

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to start simplifying your beauty routine.

“In Colorado, women want to get out in Mother Nature and still look their best,” Kearin says. “You can get out and hike, swim, participate in sports, and go camping—all with your lashes on!”  

“We love helping you feel the best version of you,” Lexi adds, “and we look forward to seeing your smiling eyes soon!”

Ready for an eye-opening experience? Make an appointment at a Deka Lash near you:

Deka Lash Parker:
17051 Lincoln Ave., Unit D

Deka Lash Highlands Ranch
1485 Park Central Drive, Suite 200

  • Kearin Schulte
  • Peri Tehven, Kearin Schulte, Lexi Tehven
  • Peri Tehven, Kearin Schulte, Lexi Tehven
  • Peri Tehven, Kearin Schulte, Lexi Tehven
  • Peri Tehven, Kearin Schulte, Lexi Tehven