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Timothy Cox & Co. are Decatur’s Insiders

Work with a team you’ll love - who will love y’all right back.

Timothy Cox has been a Realtor for over twenty years. He entered this industry because he knew there was a better way to guide clients through the home-buying process: by building a team that meets people where they are in life and ensures everyone’s unique circumstances play into their plan of action. Selling your house to buy another, which makes up the majority of transactions in Decatur, doesn’t have to be as tricky as clients believe. Instead, it takes a series of small actions, and the best way to navigate this process gracefully is by working with an empathetic guide. Enter Timothy Cox & Co. Realtors.

By working with this real estate team, you connect and collaborate with neighbors who live alongside you. You will run into them at school functions, volunteer events, and local businesses. Their slogan, “Love Y’all,” isn’t an empty promise. It is a fact of their heart-centered, empathetic approach to tackling one of life’s most massive transitions. Community is about a sense of belonging, and real estate is a relationship business. It’s not about the home; it’s about each client’s specific goals and what they want out of their community. You want a Realtor who will offer you choices with a wide range of direct, creative solutions. It’s easy to enter this process feeling overwhelmed, and you will find soothing guidance and practical solutions at every turn. Before making such an immense investment, emotions can be high. Timothy Cox & Co.’s team speaks to these consternations by differentiating what’s possible, versus what is probable. Which concerns are real, and which are simply anticipatory anxiety? Because this team’s passion is service-oriented, they will actively listen to your worries before offering multiple solutions. Then, expert advice rooted in empathy comes into account. The most common question they encounter with a potential client is: should I stay or go? Should I sell, or should I build an addition? You will receive outlined options with accompanying resources and an honest look at the cost of waiting. Timothy Cox & Co. sincerely wants what is best for you, and they will work hard to ensure you get it. They go above and beyond to communicate with clarity, so there are no surprises, and you have a great sense of what’s next every step along the way. They are proactive with solutions to keep your experience as stress-free as possible.

Ultimately, they are Decatur’s insiders: when you work with them, the resources they provide are invaluable. Specifically, they have a constantly updated spreadsheet called “The Curated List.” In it, there are over 300 providers that they consider the best in their respective fields. From pediatricians to landscapers and even acting coaches, you can access this meticulously curated list as the ultimate connector. Whether you’re new to the city or relocating a couple of miles away, you will have access to a vetted network of coveted professionals. Yes, the focus is on home renovation, but after years of living in Decatur they’ve built out an Angie’s List without Angie

Real estate is the number one way to build wealth long-term, and the tax incentives don’t hurt, either! It is one of the few markets never to experience a double-digit decline. What does it look like to invest in Decatur real estate wisely? Keep your first home and rent it out instead of selling it. In this market, the demand for single-family home rentals in Decatur is skyrocketing, and home appreciation is almost immediate. Decatur is culturally rich and diverse, with excellent walkability, schools, and neighbors. Everyone seems to be working for the greater good in this hands-on community. The beautiful parks and pools are other enticing factors! Use your first home as an investment tool, allocate the equity to buy your dream home, and keep building your portfolio. In the words of Tim, “Investing in a city that prides itself in great schools, good government, and safety is always a good investment.”

"Buying a home in a neighborhood that you love is a chance to invest in yourself and your happiness."

Timothy Cox

  • Photo by: RealKit Photography