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Living Tiny Means Freedom

Tiny has a variety of meanings. For Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, it means freedom! Freedom to travel, freedom to experience life how you want, and freedom to own your own home! 

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company opened in 1999. Jay Shafer, who is famous for helping the tiny house movement take off, started the company. In 2007, the current CEO Steve Weissmann, who was already living tiny, took over from Jay. It was Steve’s vision that helped bring Tumbleweed to where it is today. 

RV Designation = Insurance

Each Tumbleweed home is considered an RV. This is important because RV’s are insurable and have financing options. Without the “RV” status, it is could be difficult to get insurance or a loan. Every RV from Tumbleweed is also RVIA certified. To achieve this certification, Tumbleweed adheres to over 500 different building codes. The codes cover areas including electric, plumbing, brake lights, heating, fire safety and more. Warranties of one, five and nine years can be added, if desired. 

Start Here

The process of creating your tiny home begins on Tumbleweed's website. They have an easy-to-use “Design Yours” page that helps you determine which model and size you’re most interested in. Tumbleweed builds four main floor plans—all eight-and-a-half-feet wide—and each can be customized with lofts to fit your needs. Each of the floor plans comes in lengths from 20 to 30 feet. The prices range from $63,000 to $93,000 or more. Discounts are offered for military personnel, educators and first responders. 

The buying process takes about five months from start to finish. Start by booking a free consultation. Most of the time, these consultations occur over the phone, but since we have the good luck of living in the same city as Tumbleweed, schedule an in-person consultation and tour of their location at 1450 Valley St. You will discuss your dreams, needs and desires and a staff member will explain options. Prequalify for financing, if needed, and make sure that you’ve secured the special place you’ll park your new home. Pay your deposit, and you’re on your way! 

Designing + Building

Next starts the design process. Just like building a standard size home, you’ll be making decisions about layout, flooring, colors, fixtures and finishes. Tumbleweed does have some standard packages, but many things can be customized to fit your vision. 

Once the design is set, building will begin! With a large team of skilled specialists, your tiny home will be built in about six weeks. For out-of-state customers, Tumbleweed shares weekly progress pictures so that folks can see the process. Once building nears the end, delivery or pickup is scheduled and soon the home will be yours. 

Be Prepared

If you’re thinking about going tiny, take some advice from the pros. First of all, be prepared! Sophia, Tumbleweed’s customer service and finance manager, suggests taping off the square footage you’re considering moving into onto the floor of your current home so that you can determine what you need and how you’ll use the space.

Jessica, Tumbleweed’s sales manager, encourages you to know your why. “Why is this important to you?” she asks. “People are going to balk at you and you’ve got to be confident in your decision.”

Most people consider going tiny for two to ten years and it’s not a decision to be made lightly. If you’re thinking of going tiny, take a free tour of Tumbleweed. They offer tours Monday through Thursday at 11am and 2pm. Call them at 877-331-8469 to schedule your tour soon!

Website: https://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/
Facebook + Instagram: @TumbleweedHouses

There are tiny hotels that you can stay in that will help you get a feel for the size and space. There are two tiny hotels in our area. One is Peak View Park in Woodland Park and the other is Whispering Aspen Tiny House Hotel in Fairplay.

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