Tips for a healthier kitchen

Courtesy of Kelley Bentley Ash of Swimming Buck Farm

Many people look to start new journeys in the new year, and most of them with the goals of getting healthier and losing weight. Another thing to think about in your health journey is the kinds of foods and products you consume and use.    

Meet Kelley Bentley Ash, the owner of Swimming Buck Farm in Horton, Alabama, who has dedicated her life to helping people see the benefits of clean eating and natural healing.

“Our main mission is to provide the cleanest food possible to our customers while educating them about natural healing and why it’s important to farm regenerative and no till,” said Ash. “The benefits of clean eating are vast, but it’s important to limit the toxic intake of the ingredients of conventional foods that have been genetically modified as well as sprayed with dangerous chemicals.

Ash said it’s also vital to think about the products that fill your kitchen.

“Many chemicals are used every day in the kitchen, and a few to take notice of are your everyday dish soap and dishwasher detergent,” she said. “Some of the basic items to start replacing when transitioning to a more natural kitchen would be to look for natural dishwasher and dish soap.”

Ash also recommends moving away from scented trash bags and steel wool soap pads.

“What you breathe in goes to your lungs, and those fragrances are not natural,” she said. “Also, instead of SOS pads, look for a chain scrubber that cleans skillets; they work great! I remember growing up we grew loofahs, and we would use those to scrub our pans.”

First, though, Ash recommends thinking about the products you put on your hands while working in the kitchen.

“Our skin is a large organ that absorbs what we put on it, which affects our liver,” she advised. “What I would start with first is changing out the soaps and the sink cleaners. Baking soda and white vinegar are great cleaners for most anything.”

Swimming Buck Farm grows organic, heirloom provisions rooted in the South. It is a no till, no chemical, regenerative, heirloom farm that uses spring water from a well and is soy and GMO free.

Find the farm online at and

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