Tips For Selling Your Home in Fort Worth’s Seller’s Market

Top Fort Worth Realtor, Christa Holbert, shares what it takes to get top dollar at closing. 

The Fort Worth housing market is booming as more and more people flock into the area in record numbers. This ‘seller’s market’ may seem like easy money to prospective seller’s but League Real Estate agent, Christa Holbert, cautions against entering the market too nonchalantly. “I think some people assume that because we’re in this really aggressive seller’s market that they don't have to do anything (to their homes).” Holbert explains, “I would say even in a seller’s market it's really important to try and put your best foot forward, you're going to get better quality buyers and better quality offers.” So, what needs to be done? Thankfully Christa Holbert stuck around with us to break down her 5 major areas of focus when getting your home ready for a seller’s market.

1. Curb Appeal

Getting potential buyers in the door starts with landscaping, asserts Holbert, “whatever is there needs to be taken care of. If there isn't a lot of landscaping, mulch will go a long way.” Holbert also suggest paying attention to your entryway, “touch up the paint, put a nice welcome mat, a welcoming wreath, (and) power washing those inevitable cobwebs that collect especially after the winter,'' she suggests.  

2. Paint

“Paint is really important,” Holbert insists, “(focus on) touching up the existing paint on the walls, trim, and cabinets. Oftentimes it doesn’t require painting everything new but if you see a chip in a baseboard match it and touch it up.” Holbert also cautions sellers to switch out louder paint colors in favor of neutral hues.

3. Lighting

“Recessed lighting goes a long way” says Holbert, and “lamps are another easy way (to add proper lighting).” Holbert concludes, “we want the house to be as bright as possible inside, and lighting and paint will really help with that.”

4. Staging

Holbert explains that staging is essential for showing a home's maximum livability. “(A professional stager) is a great third party to come in and look at the house objectively. Oftentimes the way that we live in a house and what's comfortable to us and our family is not necessarily the most attractive way to view a house,” she concludes. 

5. Repairs

Holbert emphasizes that you want to take care of repairs before a buyer has the opportunity to get involved, prolonging and complicating the process; but repairs also “give the buyer confidence that the home has been taken care of and well maintained.” 

While Christa Holbert’s tips are invaluable, she still stresses the importance of working alongside a realtor. “Hire a professional realtor,” says Holbert, “once there are offers, it's selecting the best offer; the one that’s most likely to get to closing and not have any issues.” And with a hot seller’s market and plenty of qualified DFW realtors available, closing without issues should be a breeze. 

Reach out to Christa Holbert for more information 214.734.0285 or christa@leaguere.com. 


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