Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe this Summer

The summer trip you didn't plan; Dr. Rosines shares how to keep your kids out of the ER.

When the temperatures start pushing the upper nineties and the sun starts setting after 8 p.m., kids and families start spending more time outdoors. Summer means it’s time to play, and who takes that more seriously than kids themselves? Perhaps Dr. Noam Rosines, Chief Medical Officer at Village Emergency Centers. With an outpost in River Oaks, Rosines tends to a fair share of pediatric emergencies year-round, but the summertime brings about a unique set of stumbling blocks, literally and figuratively. Here are the most common injuries Rosines sees in the summer, plus his take on how to prevent them.


Burns are generally super common with kids, and in the summertime, this readily translates to sunburns. Rosines has seen kids in the ER with blistering sunburns, an unfortunate consequence, since these are easy to prevent. “Most people know they’re supposed to wear sunscreen, but then they’re playing in the water all day and forget to reapply,” says Rosines. “For children, use a sunscreen suitable for kids — one that has fewer chemicals and irritants, and has at least a 15 SPF.”

Broken Bones

You’ve probably seen it happen. A child is swinging off the monkey bars, lands wrong, and twists an ankle. Or they’re running in flip-flops, trip, and fall. It may be nearly impossible to make sure your kids don’t fall — the most common incident resulting in pediatric non-fatal injuries, but you can eschew the consequences. “You want to make sure the kids are always wearing proper footwear that protects their skin and balance,” says Rosines.


If a fall doesn’t end in a broken bone, it may end up in a cut that results in stitches, most commonly in the face. “Kids fall, hit their foreheads, or severely cut their palms,” says Rosines. “If they’re going for a bike ride or playing rough, have them wear a helmet. That can save not only their face, but also their lives.”

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