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Hats off to Milton Ave

Finding your style downtown Alpharetta is easy.

Beret, boater, bonnet, bowler, cloche, derby, fedora fez, helmet, homburg, Panama, pillbox, skimmer, skullcap, sou’wester, ten-gallon, top or turban.

Chose your own style and don’t be afraid to rock it when running errands, meeting friends for drinks or showing up at a weekend work retreat.

Here in Alpharetta, we’re spoiled for choice along downtown’s very own Fifth Avenue, AKA Milton Avenue. Next time you’re downtown with a friend, pop into one of your favorite shops, or try something new and try on a hat.

Don’t look in the mirror yet! How does it feel? Does it fit well? Does your pal give it the thumbs up? We tend to be our own toughest critic, so ask the boutique’s pros to chime in. And then go ahead and invest in a hat and wear it with confidence. We can’t wait to see you downtown!

La Bella Maison

20 Milton Ave

Sis and Moon's

24 Milton Ave

Clothes Horse

28 Milton Ave