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'Tis The Season

With Brent and Jackie Friesth, Founder's of Bolder Insurance

What are your favorite Holiday memories?

Waking up on Christmas morning to homemade caramel rolls, a recipe that has been enjoyed in our family for over 60 years! 

What should locals not miss this holiday season?

A stroll, carriage ride, or ice skating in downtown historic Louisville.

Favorite holiday meal?

Swedish meatballs with lingonberries

Best childhood gift received?

One year, all the siblings received new skis, boots, poles, and a pocket camera. (iPhones weren’t invented yet.)

What traditions have you continued over the years and why?  

Taking a Family Christmas photo for the annual holiday greeting card has happened every year of my life. It's a tradition that we have continued with our family. I can honestly say it wasn’t always a fun process, but having these Christmas cards from every year is one of my biggest treasures.

Also, food seems to surround our holiday traditions. Enjoying classic Scandinavian goodies like lefse, kringla, sandbakkels, flatbreads, decorated sugar cookies, and more!

How are you spending the holiday this year?

This year we will be spending family time at home in Colorado; baking, eating, playing games, putting together puzzles, hiking, slowing down, and enjoying family!

Favorite gifts to give?

Matching family pajamas!

Foundation or causes you like to give to around the holidays?

We donate to Imagine! Foundation to help create an opportunity for people of all abilities.