Tis the Season of Giving

Local Fort Worth Businesses give back to the community.

During the holiday season, it's always important to give back to the community and count the abundant blessings. Many businesses in West Fort Worth have partnered with local charities to give back a little of what they've received from the community.

Dion Lampe with TotalCare ER

As a faith-based company, TotalCare’s values compel the team to follow the compassionate example of Jesus Christ in providing high-quality care while going the extra mile to ensure that each patient receives genuine love and respect.          

"That’s why we choose to partner with our own 501(c)3 TotalCare Foundation," says Lampe. "Through which our passion for patient care is multiplied both here locally, and around the world."

By partnering with the TotalCare Foundation, The staff and volunteers can live out the company values in many different ways. In North Texas, they have helped build homes and paint houses with Tarrant Habitat for Humanity. The Total administrative team, based in Lebanon, does medical missions for underserved populations of patients surrounding Beirut, including expecting mothers, children, and elderly people. The largest project of the TotalCare Foundation is a full-time mission clinic in Eldoret, Kenya offering primary care, immunizations, mother’s care, and cancer screening to patients six days a week, year-round.

TotalCare Eldoret also hosts an annual medical camp for patients across the Rift Valley region, during which medical staff from TotalCare and our partners travel to Kenya to provide life-saving treatment and deliver much-needed supplies and equipment. The partnership between TotalCare in Fort Worth and the TotalCare Foundation is rooted in a shared commitment to faith-based values and a profound dedication to compassionate patient care.

To learn more, please visit totalcarefoundation.org. Volunteer your time to support the Foundation's programs throughout the year. You can even lend your medical expertise to the Kenya clinic by joining them for their next mission trip in the Summer of 2024. This partnership not only strengthens the local communities but also provides hope and care to those in need across the world, embodying the TotalCare mission to go the second mile for all.

Aaron Hoernke, Marketing Director for Frank Kent Motor Co.

At Frank Kent Cadillac, Casa Mañana is an integral part of Fort Worth, and its significance in the community cannot be overstated. The non-profit musical theater and school is a vibrant thread that weaves individuals together, offering benefits that enrich the community's social fabric and individual lives and allow a space for creative expression for all ages. The organization also fosters a sense of community throughout Fort Worth. Attendees from diverse backgrounds can come together and witness a shared story unfold on stage. 

A shared experience transcends differences and promotes empathy, understanding, and a collective sense of belonging, connecting people in a way other mediums fall short. Through performance, communities can celebrate their unique traditions, stories, and values. 

Casa Mañana’s Children’s Theater and Broadway shows provide a platform for expression, help generations pass down rich history and traditions, and transform the theater into a living museum.

Frank Kent Cadillac supports Casa Mañana as a pillar of community life. It connects people, preserves culture, nurtures creativity, and sparks important conversations. Theater enhances social, cultural, and intellectual aspects of human life, making it a vital component of the thriving city we love.

If you are interested in finding out more about Casa Mañana, please do so by visiting casamanana.org/support

David Diesslin with Diesslin Group

David Diesslin founded Diesslin Group, Inc (DGi) in 1980 as a financial planning company committed to serving as a fiduciary to its clients. For over 30 years, DGi grew into a successful firm under Diesslin's leadership. However, Diesslin faced an immense personal tragedy in 2009 when his beloved wife, Deena, died after a battle with cancer.

To honor Deena's memory and continue her legacy of compassion, Diesslin established the Deena-Jo Heide Diesslin Foundation (DJHDF). The broad mission of the Foundation was to contribute to worthy causes across several areas of need. Over the past decade, the DJHD Foundation has donated millions in grants to nonprofits focused on Deena's passions like education equity.

Diesslin guides the Foundation's Board and provides generous financial support each year. By creating the DJHD Foundation after his wife's passing, Diesslin found a meaningful way to carry on her spirit of generosity and care for others. The Foundation is a testament to Deena and allows Diesslin to continue impacting the community causes she cared deeply about through his philanthropy.

Sarah Hardy with Sarah Hardy Real Estate

The Joan Katz Resource Center is an organization dedicated to supporting patients and families with female cancers. Hardy became intimately involved with the center's cause after a deeply personal and painful experience supporting her mother through a late-stage ovarian and fallopian tube cancer diagnosis. Ultimately, her mother's life was cut short. 

"Her case could have had a different outcome if the symptoms of the disease had been recognized earlier," Hardy recounts painfully. The experience ignited her passion for educating women about the signs and symptoms of female cancers through early detection.

Named after a resilient, three-time breast cancer survivor, the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center guides individuals with any cancer diagnosis, regardless of where they receive medical care, from the point of diagnosis into survivorship. All non-medical programming provided by the center is fully funded by philanthropic individuals, corporations, and foundations. Since the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center opened thirteen years ago, over 15,000 people have received non-medical support services through the center.

For the past two years, staff from the non-profit have worked out of Hardy's office the week leading up to the Susan G. Komen walk, allowing her to know the wonderful people who work at and volunteer for the center. Now, she participates in committees for upcoming fundraising events, raising nearly 3 million dollars from one event alone since its inception 13 years ago.

Lance Thompson with Cordell and Company Insurance Agency

Cordell and Company started to get involved with Black Dog Charity in 2012, in the second year of the charity’s existence. The first Black Dog Shootout was organized in 2011 when a group of guys came together and used their love and respect for the outdoors to help a friend through financial difficulties after her fight against Leukemia. The charity quickly organized a sporting clay shoot followed by dinner, music, and an auction. The daylong event at the Chula Vista Ranch allowed the group to raise more than $25,000 to benefit Ashley Dike Baganz. 

The charity is called the Black Dog Charity because, at the end of the night, during the first year, the male staff auctioned off a black lab puppy. Black Dog Charity exists now to make a difference for those affected by Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other blood cancers. Over the past 12 years, Cordell and Company's efforts have helped to provide more than $2,000,000 of support directly to the Fort Worth community.

"This charity holds a special place in my heart as my father-in-law, John George, is one of the founding members, and my wife, Kelsey Thompson, was an oncology nurse at Medical City," says Thompson. "So, I have had a front-row seat to the impact Black Dog has made in our community."

Ross Warner with The Complete Backyard

The Complete Backyard believes in giving back to the community. The company wants to bless the Fort Worth community and sow good things. The company was immediately moved by the compassion and care of Wings of Hope when they first learned about the Cleburne, Texas, non-profit's mission.

Wings of Hope's mission is to partner with adults and children to treat their disabilities with horse therapy. The nonprofit provides equine-assisted services for individuals facing unique physical, mental, and emotional challenges by working with various disabilities, including autism, PTSD, and Down syndrome.

There are numerous ways to support this organization: horse donations, becoming a monthly sponsor, or contributing your time and resources. Every Spring, Wings of Hope hosts its Round-Up for Riders event, an enjoyable evening where participants can take part in a silent auction, savor a delightful meal, and gain deeper insights into the organization's work and the people it serves.

As a faith-based company, The Complete Backyard resonates with Wings of Hope's core purpose: to provide hope and healing through the gentle presence of horses and the love of God. The Complete Backyard feels incredibly blessed to sponsor this incredible organization, and they wholeheartedly encourage everyone to explore the meaningful work of Wings of Hope.

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