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'Tis the Season to Get Fit

Exercises for this fall to have you ready for a glamourous little black dress season

It’s officially fall, which means that the holiday season is just around the corner. Instead of waiting on a New Year’s resolution, now is a great time to ramp up your workout routine (or start one!) to look your best for all the holiday festivities.

Natalie Germaine, owner of AKT Gilbert, is a busy mom of four who understands how hard — but how important — it is to keep active even with a hectic schedule. This applies to the holiday season and beyond. “Now is always a great time to get in shape,” Natalie says. “You never need an excuse to do it. I feel that we as women and mostly moms need to take one hour a day for ourselves to clear our minds and just have an hour of fun for ourselves. We can then be more present for our kids and spouses.

”AKT - the Anna Kaiser Technique - is a unique combination of toning, interval, circuit, and dance-based workouts, with new original programming created every three weeks, Natalie shares. She fell in love with the concept then once Anna Kaiser, a personal trainer to the stars, opened it up for franchise opportunities, Natalie launched the first Gilbert location. “I loved every AKT class and every move,” Natalie says. “I love that every day is a different workout and our content constantly changing. When I find something I love, I love sharing it with people and I knew that if I loved this workout, other ladies would enjoy it just as much.” “The great thing about our workout is you get a good sweat, you build some muscle, but most importantly you get to leave your worries at the door,” she adds. “You get your booty kicked, but you have a heck of a time, a fun time, doing it. You get that ‘runner's high’ afterward, and it helps set your day to make better food choices.” For those who would like to try some AKT moves from home, Natalie is sharing her favorites to help you get in holiday shape — or in shape for any time!

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Exercises to Get You In Shape In Time for the Holiday Party Season
Natalie shares that comprehensive strength training is a great way to get fit before the holidays — or anytime, of course. “We like to do a lot of compound movements to get the most bang for your buck,” she says. “It’s comprehensive strength training.” Read on for some of her favorite moves you can incorporate into your pre-holiday workout routine.

Curtsy Scaption Raise

To do this move, start by putting your left leg behind your right leg, bending your knees in a curtsy. Raise your right arms while holding 3- or 5-pound weights at shoulder height in a V shape. Straighten legs and then put your right leg behind your left, raising your arms to a V shape scaption raise. Strive for two sets of 24.

Kneeling Side Plank Hip Strength and Arm Raise with Resistance Band

While kneeling on your left knee on the box, put your right foot in the middle of the resistance band and stretch the bottom handle to your left hand. Grab the top handle in your right hand, raising your arm above your head. Bend your right arm/elbow and then swing your outstretched leg forward. Bring the leg back to the starting position and raise the right arm. Bend your elbow, swing leg forward, swing leg back and raise arm. Make sure the entire time to pull your navel to your spine. The hips and your core should not be collapsed at all. Strive for two sets of 24.

Pilates Ball Squeeze Plié

While in a plié (bend the knees and straighten them again, with the feet turned out and heels firmly on the ground), take the slightly collapsed Pilates ball between your hands and push your palms together. Slightly bounce while pushing the Pilates ball and get as low as you can in your plié. Strive for two sets of 32.

Push Up Knee Bend

Do a push-up off the edge of the bench and, while at the bottom of the push-up, bend your knees, keeping your feet about hips width apart. Then, straighten your legs, holding a little plank before pushing yourself back up. Strive for two sets