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Hildebrand Home Designs Comes Through For A Brother

EDMOND -- Being a home designer in the Oklahoma City area for 48 years Don Hildebrand has always liked the challenge of designing on a difficult lot or remodeling an existing home.

One particular remodel for was his brother and sister-in-law, Dean and Jacque, in Pasadena, Maryland, a small town just outside of Annapolis. 

The house was a small summer home built in 1913 for people that lived in Baltimore.  The home had amazing potential with a view of Grey's Creek, which flows into Chesapeake Bay.

The original home had a living room, three bedrooms, a bath, and an enclosed porch on the main level.  The basement level included the kitchen which provided one of the coolest spots in the house. This also provides for easy access to the water.

Don's remodel plan moved the kitchen to the main floor where an original bedroom was located. The enclosed porch became the dining area with views to the water. A wrap-around stair was added to the side of the house to provide access to the basement and a new master suite on an added upper level.

Both Dean and Jacque noted how amazed they were when Don flew out and his design was seamlessly incorporated into the existing house.

After all, Don Hildebrand has become known for his love of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style of architecture. Hildebrand even channeled Wright in the design of his own home located in Edmond's Autumn Ridge neighborhood.

Dean and Jacque spent over a decade in Maryland before moving back to Oklahoma.  Their new home is currently under construction with Don doing the design/build for them.

Talking to Dean and Jacque Hildebrand, OKC City Lifestyle learned that over the dozen years that they lived in Maryland, they loved the environment near Chesapeake Bay. And buying and remodeling this house was a wonderful experience.

But since moving back, Dean admits to having second thoughts about having sold it, as it is simply gorgeous inside and out, thanks to his brother Don's designs.

"I know there's a thing called buyer's remorse," Dean said. "But in the case of this particular house, I have seller's remorse."

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