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To the Trail and Beyond

Acme Fine Goods’ Clothing for Colorado Adventures, Your Post-Hike Beer and Every Other Day

Article by Jessica Mordacq

Photography by Poppy & Co. by Kelsey Huffer

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Coming down from the Mount Sanitas Trailhead, mere blocks from Pearl Street’s stretch of stores, restaurants and coffee shops, it’s a little too easy to transition from an early morning hike to a quick bite to eat or an afternoon on the town. 

Acme Fine Goods at 915 Walnut Street in Louisville helps locals to expect the unexpected, fitting in comfortably and fashionably wherever the day takes them.

“You never know when someone’s going to ask you to go climb a mountain or go fly fishing,” says Acme Fine Goods’ Founder Eric Reed. “Or you can go on a hike, then spend the rest of the day in town and not look out of place.” 

Acme Fine Goods doesn’t just sell hiking apparel, but also everyday Coloradoan utility items and home goods that reflect Eric’s own experience as an outdoor enthusiast and employee in the industry.

“It’s not just for hiking the trail,” Eric says of his store, which opened in 2019. “Your adventure doesn’t have to be to the top of Long’s Peak. It could be drinking wine in RiNo.”

After working in the outdoor wholesale and retail sectors for years, selling everything from food and wine to fly fishing equipment, Eric noticed what was working and what wasn’t for his employers and competitors. Having serviced stores like his around the country, he knew which representatives would fill Acme Fine Goods with the quality outdoor brands he’d gotten to know so well. 

Eric fills Acme Fine Goods with useful, versatile pieces and assists his customers in finding items they don’t typically see at chain outerwear stores or brands they might’ve discovered online. 

“What sets us apart is a service-based store,” Eric says. “If you go to the mall and scream for help, you’ll be lucky if anyone comes to you.” 

His advice for choosing the right gear revolves around comfort and personal preference. For men, he suggests a look that doesn’t scream Nike outlet, like Roark’s Run Amok collection full of compression and stretch material.  

For women, Eric recommends Amundsen’s two-tone materials that are breathable and durable with real pockets. Below is a list of Eric’s ideal outfits for a hike at Sanitas.

Men's Outfit:

Roark’s Bommer Ridge Short in Vibrant Red

Roark’s Mathis “Running on Empty” T-shirt

Roark’s Bucket List hat

Women's Outfit:

Amundsen’s 5-Incher Concord shorts

Outerknown’s Neptune Tee

Amundsen’s Concord cap